27 Best Agriculture Business Ideas In Sweden [2023]

Do not underestimate agriculture. Humans cannot live without food and this food comes from agriculture. There was, there is and there will huge opportunity in agriculture businesses in the world.

If you just select the right crops or business ideas according to your climate and resources then you can get great success in agriculture-related businesses in Sweden.

If you are thinking about agriculture businesses then in this post I have given more than 27 agriculture business ideas in Sweden. 

So lets get started –

List of Best Agriculture Business Ideas In Sweden

1. Fish Farming

There is a big water area in Sweden and hence you can start fish farming and earn good money from this business.

Fish is widely used for food and there is high demand for different types of fish all over the world. 

There are many types of fish farming from which you can select one for your businesses

If you have land then it can be a good agriculture business idea in Sweden.

2. Poultry Farming

Chicken is a widely eaten food and there is a huge demand for chickens. You can start a poultry farm in Sweden and earn good money from this business.

There are many types of chickens in the market and you have to select a good breed for your business. 

You also supply chickens to hotels and restaurants. 

You should take proper training before starting this business.

3. Wheat Farming

Wheat is one of the most popular crops in Sweden. Sweden produced 3.21 million thousand tonnes of wheat in the year 2020.

Sweden’s agriculture is dominated by cereal farming. You can also start wheat farming on your farm and earn good money from it.

4. Sugarbeet Farming

Sugerbeet’s root contains a high percentage of sucrose and it is used for sugar production in Sweden. 

In 2020, Sugarbeet production was more than 2 million tonnes in Sweden. Sugarbeet is a very popular crop in Sweden. You can also start Sugarbeet farming on your farmland. 

4. Barley Farming

Barley is mainly grown in the northern part of Sweden but many it is also grown in other parts. Barley is also a very popular agricultural crop in Sweden. 

In 2020, Sweden’s barley production was around 1.51 million thousand tonnes. 

Barley is used as food grain and also a natural sweetener. It is also used in bread, soups, and many other health products.

5. Oat Farming

Sweden’s oats are high quality because the nordic climate is perfect for them. Oats a cereal grain that is widely used as food and is considered very healthy food.

There are many oats products that are popular in the market such as oatmeal, oat cookies, and oat soup. 

If you have farmland with a perfect climate condition for its cultivation then you can start oat farming. 

6. Dairy Farming

Milk is one of the most popular food in the world. You can start a dairy farm in Sweden. Dairy farming is the largest agriculture sector in Sweden. 

There are many different cattle breeds but you have to select some good dairy cows to start your dairy farm. 

You should take proper training to start this business. You can work on an existing dairy farm to get some experience. 

You can also make other milk products such as paneer, butter, yogurt, and cheese. You can create your brand and earn millions.

7. Export Agriculture Products

Exporting agricultural products is also a very good agriculture business idea in Sweden.

Sweden exports many agricultural products but cereals and cereal products are the largest export products.

63% of Sweden’s agro products are exported to European countries. United States, Denmark, Finland, and Norway are the main market for Sweden’s agro products. 

You can start an export business of agro products in Sweden and you will have dozens of good agro suppliers.

8. Export Forest Products

Similar to agro products you can also export forest products. Sweden’s half of the area is covered by forest so there is a huge opportunity for you.

You can export different types of wood such as timber wood and many other wood products to other countries.

9. Potato Farming

Potato is a very popular vegetable in the whole world. It is used in many food recipes such as chips, french fries, and pancakes. 

You can start potato farming on your farmland. Before selecting this crop you should check whether your climate conditions are suitable for it or not.

10. Lettuce Farming

Lettuce grows in the fall season in Sweden. Lettuce is used in many different dishes such as egg rolls, sandwiches, wraps, and smoothies.

Lettuce is considered a healthy vegetable. It is a good source of vitamin K and vitamin A. It is good for your bone strength and well as for your vision

Lettuce becomes ready for harvesting after 30 to 70 days of planting. So you can make good money in a short period of time

September to October is a good period for planting lettuce.

11. Kohlrabi Farming

Kohlrabi is also known as German turnip or cabbage turnip. Kohlrabi is very popular in Northern and Eastern European countries.

It is used in many food recipes such as soups and salads.

November to march is the best season to plant Kohlrabi. Kohlrabi becomes ready for harvesting after 50 to 70 days of planting.

12. Sweet Corn Farming

Sweet corn is another good crop for your farming business. It is a very popular food product all over the world.

Sweet corn is used in many foods such as popcorn, pizza, salad, and soups. 

June to august is a good period for sweetcorn planting in Sweden. Sweetcorn becomes mature and ready for harvesting after 60 to 100 days of planting. You can start sweet corn farming in Sweden and you can also export your sweetcorns to other countries.

13. Kale Farming

Kale is a leafy vegetable. It is an extremely nutritious vegetable and that’s why people call it a superfood. Kale vegetable is a good source of, vitamin A, C, and K1. It is also rich in fiber & calcium.  

Kale vegetable farming can be a good agriculture business idea for you in Sweden. April to May is a good period for kale planting & it becomes ready for harvesting after 70 to 95 days.

14. Radish Farming

Radish is a root vegetable and also very nutritious food. Radish is a good source of antioxidants and is also rich in minerals. It is also rich in vitamin C and calcium. Radish is eaten all over the world and there is a very good demand for this vegetable.

You can start radish farming in Sweden and earn a good profit. April to May is a good period for radish planting and it becomes ready for harvesting after 22 to 70 days.

15. Spinach Farming

Spinach is a very healthy leafy vegetable. It is a widely eaten vegetable. Spinach is used in many food recipes such as salads and sandwiches so there is a very high demand for it in the whole world.

Spinach is a good source of many vitamins such as vitamins A, C, and K. It is also rich in iron, potassium, and folate. Health-conscious people definitely try to add it to their meals.

You can start spinach farming on your land. April to May is a good period for spinach planting and it becomes ready for harvesting after 45 to 50 days.

16. Carrot Farming

You can earn good money from carrot farming in Sweden. A carrot is a root vegetable. There are many nutrients in carrots that are extremely good for your health.

Carrot is used in many foods such as salads and snacks. It is also consumed raw.  Carrot is also a high-demand vegetable and you take benefit from them.

April to many is a good season for carrot planting and it takes 70 to 80 for carrots to become ready for harvesting.

17. Squash Farming

Squash farming is another good agriculture business idea in Sweden. You can learn its farming process and then you can easily start this agriculture business.

Squash is a family of fruit vegetables that includes many vegetables such as pumpkin, Abacha squash, spaghetti squash, and butternut squash. 

June to august is the best period for squash farming and after 50 to 65 days squash becomes ready for harvesting

18. Cucumber Farming

Cucumber is a very nutritious fruit and there is a high demand for it. It is rich in many vitamins and fiber. It also keeps you hydrated. 

In 2020,  27 million Swedish kronor worth of cucumber was produced in Sweden.

If there is the right climate in your area for cucumber farming then it is a good business idea for you. June to august is a good period for cucumber planting and it takes 45 to 70 days for cucumbers to become ready for harvesting.

19. Bitter Guard Farming

You can start bitter guard farming in Sweden and earn a good profit from it. There are tremendous health benefits of eating bitter guard.

June to august is a good period to start bitter guard planting. It becomes ready for harvesting after 55 to 60 days.

20. Garlic Farming

Garlic is widely used for flavoring food. It also adds a good taste to food. Garlic is a high-demand vegetable. Garlic is also used as medicine in Ayurveda.

You can start garlic planting in the period of September to October in Sweden. You can also export garlic to other countries. 

21. Forest Tourism

More than 50% of Sweden is covered in forest and there is a big opportunity for forest tourism in Sweden. 

If you have a knowledge of Sweden’s forests then it can be a very good business idea for you. You can start a tourism company in Sweden and earn good money from it.

22. Oilseeds Farming

Oil Seeds farming is another good business idea for Sweden. You can start farming different oil seeds such as rapeseed. 

Research your climate and see what type of oil seeds can be grown on your farmland.

23. Apple Farming

Apple farming is the main commercial fruit farming business in Sweden. Apple is one of the most popular fruit in the world.

Eating apples has huge health benefits and everyone knows it so apples are in high demand all over the world.

If there is the right climate condition for apple farming then you can start it and make huge money from this business.

24. Plums Cultivation

Plums are a very useful and healthy fruit. You can take horticulture training or plums cultivation training and start a plums cultivation business in Sweden

25. Pears Cultivation

You can also start a pears cultivation business in Sweden

pear is also a widely eaten fruit and there is a good demand for this fruit.

Take proper training and start pear farming on your farmland.

26. Cherries Cultivation

Cherries are also very popular fruit and are used in many different recipes.

You can start cherries cultivation on your farmland

27. Whitehart Cherries

Whitehart Cherries can also cultivate in Sweden so you can also start a Whitehart Cherries cultivation business in Sweden.

Before starting this business check whether the climate conditions of your area are suitable for whiteheart cherries or not.


If you have farmland then you can definitely think about these agriculture business ideas in Sweden.

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1. Is Sweden good for farming?

Sweden is definitely good for farming but you should understand the climate conditions in your area properly & also your resources before selecting a crop for farming.

2. Which is the best profitable business in agriculture?

Organic farming, apple farming, and cherries cultivation are some of the profitable agriculture businesses in Sweden.

3. What business is best in Sweden?

Export is one of the best businesses in Sweden because the whole economy of Sweden is export-oriented. 

4. What grows well in Sweden?

Cereals such as barley, oat, wheat, and sugarbeet grow well in Sweden.

5. What fruits and vegetables grow in Sweden?

Fruits like apples, pears, and plums grow in Sweden, and vegetables like lettuce, potato, and spinach grow in Sweden. 

6. What fruit trees grow in Sweden?

Apples, pears, plums, cherries, and whiteheart cherries are some of the fruit trees that grow in Sweden. 

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