21 Best Small Business Ideas In Victoria BC | Business Opportunites In Victoria BC

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia ( Canadian Province ). If you want to start a business in Victoria BC then you should definitely read this post.

In this post, I have given 21 best small business ideas in Victoria, British Columbia.

So let’s get started –

List of 21 Best Small Business Ideas In Victoria BC

1. Start A Tour Company

There are hundreds of tourist attractions in Victoria Bc such as the Royal BC Museum, Beacon hill park, Inner Harbour, Craigdarroch castle, and Abkhazi garden.

There are many business opportunities in the tourism sector of Victoria BC. You can start a tourism company for a tourism agency in Victoria bc.

2. Start A Garment Business 

If you want a simple business then a garment store can be one option. In Canada, an average household spends more than $ 280 on clothes

There is a significant demand and a high-profit margin in the garment business so you can make a big profit. 

3. Open A Beauty Salon

Women’s population is pretty good in Victoria Bc & almost every woman needs beauty salon services. 

You can start a beauty salon and give different services to women such as hair styling, hair colouring, and hair conditioning. There are dozens of other services that you can give in your beauty salon.

4. Tutoring Service

There are many business opportunities in the education sector of Victoria bc. Starting a tutoring center is one of the best business ideas. 

If you have an interest in teaching then you can teach subjects like math, science, history, and English. 

5. Open A Grocery Store

Every home needs grocery items to live a normal life. You can start a small grocery store in Victoria British Columbia.

Before starting a grocery store, understand which products and food items people use in your area or city.

You can give different types of discount offers to attract new customers and you can also give home delivery service so you will get a competitive advantage.

6. Start A Technology Blog

Technology is playing a huge role in the economy of Victoria BC. There are more than 880 tech companies in Victoria BC.

Technology awareness, as well as internet penetration, is very good in Victoria British Columbia.

Starting a Technology blog can be a good online business idea for you in this area. 

7. Sports Equipment Store

There are dozens of popular sports in Canada. Many people play different sports to live a healthy life so there is a good business opportunity in this field.

You can start a sports equipment store in Victoria BC. 

8. Mushroom Cultivation

If you are living in Victoria BC then mushroom cultivation can be a perfect agriculture business idea for you.

British Columbia is already a big producer of mushrooms in Canada. It is the second-largest mushroom-producing province after Ontario so it means there is a good climate condition for mushroom farming in your area.

You can also get guidance from other mushroom farmers so you can get success faster.

9. Organic Vegetable Farming

Demand for chemical-free food is increasing very fast. If you have farmland then you can start organic farming.

There are many vegetables that you can produce on your farms such as potatoes, broccoli, sweet corn, beans, lettuce, cabbage, onions and beet.

You should get proper training before starting this business. There are many people who are giving training for organic farming.

10. Start A Restaurant

More than 22 million Canadian people visit restaurants every single day. The restaurant industry is a very big industry in Canada. 

You can earn huge money from the restaurant business in Canada so you can definitely think about this business idea.

11. Open A Natural Fitness Centre

If you have an interest and knowledge in fitness then starting a natural fitness centre is another good business idea in Victoria BC.

In this fitness centre, you have to teach people how to build muscles and live fit without using any chemicals and unnatural products.

12. Start An Insurance Agency

Almost everyone purchases some kind of insurance and hence there is a big business opportunity in this sector. 

There are many types of insurance that people buy such as health insurance, car insurance, travel insurance,  home insurance, and fire insurance. 

You can start an insurance agency in Victoria BC. You can make good money from this business.

13. Proofreading Services

Proofreading is an important part of content writing. When you write a blog post or an article then you make dozens of mistakes in it. 

Proofreading means checking and fixing writing mistakes such as spelling mistakes, errors and grammar mistakes in the text article before publishing.

If your grammar and language skills are good then this can be a good business idea for you.

14. Become A Blog Post Writer

You can become a blog post writer in Victoria BC. It is a low-investment business idea so anyone can start this business. 

You will need a smartphone, internet connection, and writing skills to start this business. You can write blog posts for other bloggers and earn good money.

15. Become A Seller On Amazon

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world. You can buy almost everything on amazon. 

Similar to buying, you can also sell any product on amazon. You can register your seller account on amazon and sell different products.

You can sell many products such as clothes, jewellery, electronics, books, and accessories on amazon

16. Amazon Delivery Partner

The biggest secret of amazon’s success is its superfast delivery service. Amazon works with different local people for fast delivery. Amazon pays money to these people for their service. 

There is a program called amazon delivery partner & anyone who fulfills the basic requirements can join this program. 

You can become an amazon delivery partner and earn good money from it.

17. Company Cleaning Services

There are a lot of businesses, manufacturing companies, and shops in Victoria Bc. Everyone wants to keep their company or shop clean and hence there is a business opportunity for you.

You can start a cleaning service business in Victoria BC. You can start this business with a very low investment.

18. Car Washing & Detailing Services

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a car or motorcycle & hence there is a big business opportunity in the car washing business.

You can start a car washing and detailing centre in Victoria BC.

19. Social Media Marketing Services

Nowadays, every business is trying to use social media marketing to promote its products and services.

Not everyone has the knowledge and expertise in social media marketing so such businesses hire expert social media marketers to do this work. 

You can learn this skill and start your social media marketing business in Victoria BC.

20. Start A Chicken Farm

Poultry farming is another good agriculture business idea in Victoria BC. If you grow chickens without any chemicals or injections.

If you start an organic chicken farm then you will get a competitive advantage in this business

21. Fish Farming

Starting a fish farm is another profitable business idea in Victoria BC. If you have farmland then you can definitely think about this business.

You can take proper training in fish farming before starting this business so you will get success faster.


Do not make a huge investment, in the beginning, start small and then grow your business. 

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