21 New Small Business Ideas in Victoria, Australia | Top 21 Business Opportunites In Victoria, Australia

Victoria’s population is more than 6.5 million and it is the second most populated state in Australia so there are many good business opportunities in Victoria, Australia. 

After big research, I have found 21 best small business ideas in Victoria. I have given these business ideas by understanding the economy, top sectors and climate conditions of Victoria, Australia.

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List of 21 New Small Business Ideas In Victoria

1. Start A Finance Blog

Finance is one of the largest income-generating sectors in victoria. 

Money is one of the most important things in every human’s life & we can fulfil most of our needs using money. Everyone should have knowledge of personal finance but it is not the case.

You can start a finance blog in Victoria and earn good money from it. Finance is a high-profit category in the blogging sector. 

2. Start An Insurance Agency

There are many types of insurance that people purchase in Australia such as life insurance, health insurance, travel insurance home insurance, fire insurance, and general insurance.

Almost everyone purchases some kind of insurance for different purposes. If you don’t have money and want to start a business then starting an insurance agency can be one of your options.

3. Create Staff Management Software

Almost every company or business hires employees. Some companies hire fewer employees to weather other hires a big number of employees. Big companies hire millions of employees.

Managing even 10 employees is also a difficult task but if anyone has hundreds or even thousands of employees then it becomes extremely difficult to manage these staff. There is a huge need for good staff management software in the market.

If you have good coding skills then you can develop staff management software and sell it to different businesses and companies.

4. Start A Tourism Company

There are hundreds of good tourist attractions in Victoria, Australia. Starting a tourism company can be a good business for you in Victoria.

Grampians National Park, Scienceworks, Great Otway National Park, Melbourne Museum, and Brighton Beach are some of the popular tourist places in victoria, Australia.

5. Organic Fertilizers Manufacturing

Farming is one of the biggest sectors in Victoria. Nowadays, people are switching towards organic farming and you have a huge opportunity in the organic fertilizers manufacturing business.

You can take the proper training and start this business in victoria

6. Start A Warehouse Business

There are a lot of farmlands and manufacturing companies in Victora. Every producer needs warehouses to store their products.

You can start a warehouse services business in victoria. You can create your own warehouse in a good area and rent it to different farmers and manufacturers.

7. Start A Grocery Store

It doesn’t matter where you live, you will find a grocery or department store in your area. Every home needs grocery items and you can take the benefit of this opportunity. 

Starting a grocery store is one of the best business opportunities in Victoria, Australia. You will find dozens of grocery wholesale suppliers in Victoria. You can get a shop on rent and start this business.

8. Pharmacy Store

Due to thousands of diseases and health problems, the healthcare and pharma industry is growing rapidly in the world.

You can take the required education and training and start your pharmacy store in Victoria. There is a high demand and a good profit margin in this business.

9. Become A Garment Wholesaler

There are garment stores in every city in Australia. There are dozens of garment-related businesses that you can start in Victoria.

There are many garment manufacturers in Victoria. You can get a shop on rent and start this business. You can also create a website to sell garments online.

10. Sell Online Fitness Courses

If you have an interest and knowledge in fitness then this will be a good business idea for you. You can create online fitness courses and programs to sell on the internet.

You can use Facebook ads, google ads and social media to sell your courses.

11. Electric Bikes Rental Business

The world is switching to electric bikes and there are tons of business opportunities in this sector. Travelling is an essential part of our day-to-day life.

Not everyone has their own motorcycle or car and hence there is an opportunity for a vehicle rental business in Victoria.

You can purchase some electric bikes and start an electric bike rental business in Victoria. 

12. Start A Food Truck

If you have an interest or passion for cooking then it can be a life-changing business for you. 

Nowadays people prefer to eat food from a food truck rather than a restaurant. Food truck businesses are making millions so you can definitely think about this business idea.

13. Become A Stock Photographer 

If you can learn photography & videography then you can definitely think about this business idea. You can also learn this skill on the internet for free.

There is a very high demand for stock images and videos. Almost every business, advertiser, marketer, and retailers need stock images and they pay good money for quality images.

You can sell your images on stock image websites or you can create your own stock image website and earn millions.

14. Wheat Farming

In Victoria, more than 26,000 square kilometres of farmland is used for grain farming & 50 % is used for only wheat farming. Wheat farming is one of the most popular crops in victoria. 

Wheat is a widely used grain so there is a high demand for it. Wheat farming can be a good agriculture business idea in Victoria.

15. Barley Farming

After wheat, barley farming is the second most popular grain crop in Victoria. Almost 33% of farmland is used for barley farming.

Barley is used in many food items such as bread and soups. You can start barley farming in Victoria and earn good money from this business.

16. Oats Farming

7% of farmland is used for oats farming in Victoria. Oats are an extremely popular grain in many countries.

It is considered a very healthy food so health-conscious people regularly eat different types of recipes made from oats.

Oats farming is a good farming business for Victoria farmlands.

17. Hay Farming

Hay farming is another good farming business in Victoria. Hay is grass which is used as animal fodder.

Dairy farming is a big industry in Victoria so you will make good money from this business.

18. Dairy Farming

Victoria’s Dairy industry is the biggest dairy industry in Australia. 60% of dairy cattle are in Victoria. Australia’s one-third milk is produced in Victoria. 

In almost every country, people drink milk and eat many milk products so there is a big business opportunity in dairy farming in Victoria.

19. Wool Farming Business

You can also do sheep farming for wool production. Wool is used for many things such as garment manufacturing, carpet manufacturing, and blanket manufacturing.

Wood production business can be a good business idea for you in Victoria.

20. Pears Farming

If you have knowledge of horticulture then you can start pears farming in Victoria. 90% of Australia’s pears are produced in Victoria.

There is a perfect climate condition for pear farming in Victoria so you can definitely think about this agriculture business for your farmland.

21. Apple Farming

One-third of Australia’s apples are produced in Victoria’s farmlands. Apple is one of the most popular fruit in the world. Apple is considered a very healthy fruit so there is a huge demand for apples.

If there is a good climate condition for apple farming in your area then you can start apple farming

Conclusion – 

Understand your resources, interest, knowledge, and skills before selecting any business idea in Victoria.

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1. How many businesses are there in Victoria?

There are more than 726,839 businesses in Victoria, Australia 

2. What is considered a small business in Victoria?

In Victoria, businesses are divided into four categories which are micro, small, medium and large.
1. Micro Business – a business which employs 0 to 4 persons
2. Small Business – a business which employs 5 to 19 persons
3. Medium Business – a business which employs 20 to 199 persons
4. Large Business – a business which employs more than 200 persons

3. Can you run a business from home in Victoria?

Yes, you can definitely run a business from your home in Victoria. You will still need registrations and licences to run a business from your home.

4. How many small businesses are there in Victoria?

In Victoria, there are more than 604,379 small businesses. 

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