61 Profitable Small Business Ideas In Sweden [2023] | 61 Best Small Business Ideas In Sweden [2023]

Sweden is one the best country to start a new business. Many people want to start a business in Sweden and hence in this post, I have given 61 business ideas in Sweden. You can get the benefit of these business opportunities in Sweden.

I don’t like to waste your precious time so let’s get started –

List of 61 Best Small Business Ideas In Sweden

List of 61 Best Small Business Ideas In Sweden

1. Digital Marketing Services For Businesses

Marketing is the most important aspect of a business. Traditionally people use to do marketing in newspapers, trade shows, and Tv channels but the world is changed now.

Nowadays, digital marketing has become the soul of a business. Everyone wants to advertise their business on the internet but lacks the skill & this is your opportunity.

You can start a digital marketing agency in Sweden & earn massive money

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Learn digital marketing skills.
  • Start your blog or website and rank it on the first page of google
  • Initially, give free digital marketing services to businesses & give them good results.
  • Start charging for your service. 

2. Start An Import Export Company In Sweden

The economy of Sweden is an export-oriented mixed economy & there is a huge opportunity for you. 

Sweden exports products like cars, refined petroleum, packaged medicaments, parts & accessories of motor vehicles, and broadcasting equipment & many more. Sweden also imports many products. 

You can start an import-export company & earn good money from this business idea in Sweden.

How to start this business in Sweden

  • You can work in an import-export company to get an experience in this business.
  • Research the demand of the market, and competition,
  • Decide which products you want to import or export.
  • Find good suppliers for these products in Sweden
  • Register your company & start making money.

3. Automobile Parts Manufacturing

Sweden’s automotive industry is very successful. In Sweden, passenger cars get manufactured but there are also two of the world’s largest truck manufacturers  AB Volvo and Scania AB. 

You can start an automotive parts manufacturing business in Sweden. You can also start Electric Vehicle parts manufacturing business because it is a future-oriented industry. You can also export those automobile parts to other countries.

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Do some market research to find things like market demand, competition & future of the business
  • Decide which automotive parts you are going to manufacture
  • Learn the necessary skills & get the required training
  • Purchase required equipment & machinery. Hire good manpower.
  • Get real estate on lease & start your manufacturing plant

4. Car Rental & Leasing business

The car Rental & Leasing business is also a good very profitable business in Sweden. The market size of the Car Rental & Leasing business was 675.9 million in 2022. Last year, the growth of this industry was 27.6%.

Travelling is a need of time & everyone needs to travel from one place to another. You will need a vehicle to travel a long distance. 

Business travellers & leisure travellers both need a car or small van on lease for a small duration & this is your opportunity. 

You can easily start a car rental & leasing business in Sweden

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Select a good business model
  • Purchase some cars ( You can also purchase cars on finance.)
  • Register your business & Complete all legal procedures
  • Do some marketing & advertising for your business & you will start getting customers.

5. Labour & Manpower Supplier

Every industry and business needs labour & manpower. You can start an online job portal or you can also become an offline manpower supplier in Sweden.

You can start this business with very low investment & earn good money from it.

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Make some contacts in big companies and factories.
  • Register your business. Get the required licenses & permits
  • Help other people to get jobs in factories and companies & earn money

6. Start A Pharmacy Store

Sweden’s pharmaceutical industry was valued at 4.3 billion euros in 2019 & it is the 14th biggest industry in Europe.

Medicines are required all over the world. Nowadays, there are a huge number of diseases and health problems in the world so there is also a huge demand for pharma products. 

You can start a pharmacy store in Sweden & earn a handsome profit margin.

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Get the required education & Licenses required to open A pharmacy store in Sweden.
  • Register your business
  • Find the best wholesale medicine suppliers.
  • Tie up with health consultants & doctors. 
  • Sell medicines & earn good profit margins.

7. Medicines Manufacturing

As I said earlier, there is a huge business opportunity in pharmacy-related businesses in Sweden. 

Sweden is a big exporter of pharmaceutical products. They export to pharmaceutical products the U.S, China, and Germany.

You can start a medicines manufacturing company in Sweden & also export products to other countries.

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Get the required education & Licenses needed to start this business
  • Do market research
  • Purchase machinery & equipment needed to start medicines manufacturing business
  • Find the best raw material & packaging material, suppliers
  • Purchase needed real estate or get it on lease

8. Start A Store for Home Goods

Everyone needs a home to live and every home needs hundreds of home goods. You can easily start a home goods store in Sweden.

There are many home goods like baskets, dustbins, boxes, juicers, blankets, storage containers, and dish cabinets that are being sold in home goods stores. 

You can sell many different types of home goods in your shop.

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Do market research in your area such as what  products people use in your city or area, competition, and the future of business
  • Find a good supplier for these products
  • Register business & get required licenses.

9. Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector is extremely successful in Sweden. It accounts for 20% of Sweden’s GDP. This sector is giving more than one million jobs.

Sweden exports industrial machinery to many countries & its economy is dependent on the export sector.

You have a huge opportunity in the industrial machinery manufacturing sector.

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Get some experience & required education to start this business
  • Purchase the required machinery and other equipment 
  • Find a good source or supplier of raw material
  • Purchase required real estate & start your manufacturing plant

10. Start An Automation Company

Nowadays, businesses and companies are moving towards automation. There are huge numbers of manufacturing companies and factories in Sweden.

You can start an automation company and give different types of automation services to them.

You can target a specific industry and only give specific automation services to these businesses. In almost every industry, automation services can be used.

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Get the required knowledge, education, skills & experience
  • Decide which industry or businesses you are going to target
  • Register the company & get the required licenses
  • Hire talented & skilled employees

11. Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

Electrical Vehicles are the future of the automotive industry. Many countries are encouraging their people to use electric vehicles & giving them different benefits for it. 

Sweden’s government encourages innovations in the country. Sweden adopts new technology very early.

Sweden’s government launched a program called Testbed Sweden in 2017 to attract innovations in the country. You can also enter into the electric vehicle manufacturing business.

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Take the required education, skills & experience
  • Find suppliers for raw materials
  • Purchase machinery and equipment.
  • Hire perfect employees

12. SEO Services

Nowadays, every business & company have their website. Just having a website is useless until it ranks on the first page of google.

If your website ranks on the first page of google for desired keywords then you get the best results, conversion, and sales.

To rank a website on google you should have a skill called SEO. If you learn this skill and become good at it then you can easily start an SEO Business.

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Learn SEO on youtube and the internet for Free
  • Start your blog and rank it on the first page of google
  • Start & register your SEO Services Business
  • Run ads on social media to get clients.
  • Create a YouTube channel & social media pages to get clients

13. Start A Restaurant

The global restaurant and mobile food services market worth $2938.56 billion in 2022.

Food is essential for survival & there is a huge opportunity in this sector. There are many businesses that you can start in this sector.

You can start a small restaurant in Sweden. You can sell different types of food in your restaurant and earn good money from it. 

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Find the best location for your restaurant
  • Decide which type of restaurant you want to start
  • Learn the required cooking skills.
  • Find a unique way to market your restaurant

14. Real Estate Agent

Many people want to buy a good home at a good price but they don’t get it. You can become a real estate agent in Sweden & get the benefit of this opportunity.

You can work as a middleman where you have to connect the buyer and seller. You can earn a good commission from this business.

You can also start a youtube channel to promote your business. You can shoot videos of different real estate properties and upload them on your youtube channel. If someone like the property in your video then he/she will contact you to purchase it.

15. Organic Farming

Organic Farming is a futuristic business idea & there is a huge opportunity in this sector.

Let me tell you how –

Nowadays we are facing many deadly health problems & the main cause of these problems is our food. Our food is full of harmful chemicals.

The fertilizers and pesticides we use on our farm are extremely dangerous for our health. People are facing diseases like cancer, asthma, kidney failure, heart problems and many more due to this.

You have a huge opportunity to start organic farming. Your produce will be in high demand and your can also charge more money for it. You can also create your organic brand & You can also export your products to other countries for more money.

16. Start A Beauty Salon

Starting a lady beauty salon is a great business idea in Sweden There are more than 5 million women in Sweden & almost everyone needs this service

Nowadays beauty parlour services have become essential services. You can start a beauty parlour or beauty salon in Sweden and give different services like manicures, pedicures, hairy cutting, hair styling, Conditioning, hair colour & highlights. 

You can also start a natural beauty parlour where you will not use any chemicals and use only natural products. With this, you can create a good competitive advantage.

17. Website Design & Development

You can become a website developer and designer and earn massive money in Sweden. 

There are many businesses, companies, and manufacturing plants in Sweden & almost everyone knows the importance of having a website.

You can contact these developers and tell them about your service.

You can also approach businesses that already have a website and you can create a better website for them than their existing website.

18. Pet Food Manufacturing

In Sweden, at least 19% of households own a cat and more than 15% of households own a dog. Many people also keep other animals such as fish, rabbits, birds, hamsters, and reptiles. 

There is a huge opportunity in businesses related to pet animal supplies.

You can start a pet food manufacturing business and take the benefit of this big opportunity.

19. Sweet Potato Farming

Agriculture is another good industry to start a business in Sweden.

Sweden imports sweet potatoes from other countries but you can start a sweet potato cultivation business and fulfil the demand.

You can also take farmland from the Sweden government on lease. If you have an interest in agriculture then it is a very good business idea for you.

20. Poultry Farming

Chicken & eggs are two of the very popular food in the world. You can start a poultry farm in Sweden. 

You can also start an organic poultry farm where you will grow chickens naturally without any chemicals & injections. 

21. Fruits & Vegetable Farming

Fruits and vegetables are needed for the survival of human beings. In Sweden, there is a huge opportunity in the farming business.

You can start fruit & vegetable farming and earn good money from this business. If you don’t have farmland then you can take land on lease from the Sweden government.

You can grow many different types so crops in Sweden such as spinach, lettuce, sweet corn, pumpkin, and beets. 

Apples are also a very popular commercial fruit in Sweden. You can also cultivate fruits like plums, pears, and cherries.

There are many good agriculture business ideas in Sweden from which you can make good money.

22. Start A YouTube Channel

Starting a youtube channel is one of the easiest businesses to start in Sweden. Sweden is a developed country and internet penetration is also extremely good in Sweden.

If you just have a smartphone & internet connection, you can quickly start your youtube channel and earn good money out of this business.

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Find a good topic for your youtube channel.
  • Decide the type of videos you can make such as FaceCam or Voiceover Videos.
  • Create A Youtube Channel In 10 Minutes
  • Research, write a video script, shoot the video, edit & upload.
  • Monetize your youtube channel & start earning money.

23. Export Forest Products

Sweden is a big exporter of forest products. There is huge forestry in Sweden & you can get benefits from it.

You can export different types of wood and wood products to other countries. There are many wood product manufacturers in Sweden and you will easily get many good suppliers.

You can start an export company and make money by exporting forest products to other countries.

24. Start A Furniture Manufacturing Business

Sweden’s total revenue from the furniture market was 8.39 billion US dollars in 2022 & it is expert to grow by 6.81% annually.

As I said before, there is big forestry in Sweden. Many furniture manufacturers are making big money. 

You can also start a furniture manufacturing business in Sweden. You can also export your furniture products to other countries.

25. Export Furniture Products

If you don’t want to start a furniture manufacturing business then you can start a furniture export company. You can export high-quality furniture products to other countries.

There are many furniture manufacturers in Sweden and you will get many suppliers. You can easily start a furniture export business in Sweden.

26. Become An Influencer

If you don’t have any money and want to start a business then this business idea is for you. You can become an influencer and earn massive money.

Sweden’s telecommunication industry has grown and It is one of the top countries in terms of internet penetration.

Millions of people use the internet every single day & you can earn good money from it.

You can create content for social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. There are dozens of ways to make money on these platforms.

27. Start A Logistics Company

Logistics is an extremely important service and almost every business and company need this service.

There is a huge number of companies, businesses, factories, and manufacturing plants in Sweden. If you start a logistics company in Sweden then you will earn good money from this business.

28. Boat Rental Business

Sweden has a 3,218 km long coastline and hence there is a huge opportunity for boat-related businesses.

The boat rental business is very popular in Sweden. You can purchase some boats and start this business in Sweden. You can earn extremely good money from the boat rental business.

29. Food Processing Equipment Manufacturing

Sweden is a big exporter of Food processing machines & equipment. There is high demand for food processing equipment.

There is a good infrastructure in Sweden for these types of businesses. There are already many manufacturers in Sweden so you can work with them to get experience. You can also export these machineries to other countries.

30. Grocery & Supermarket Store

Every home needs grocery products and Sweden is no different. Grocery Store or Supermarket store is another very popular business idea in the world. 

There is no need for any technical education to start this business. You can start this business in Sweden and make good money from it.

31. Car Washing Centre

In Sweden, there are more than half a million registered cars. If you start a car washing centre then you can earn good money.

People need to travel from one location to another for jobs, education, and business, hence people purchase cars.

Car or vehicle users are increasing every day and hence you will get a big number of customers. 

Anyone with basic knowledge can start this business.

32. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is becoming more and more popular. It is a type of e-commerce business where you don’t have to purchase any inventory upfront.

You just have to find good dropshipping suppliers and add their product images and information on your website. when anyone places an order on your website then you just have to send your customer’s address to your dropshipping supplier. 

Then your supplier packs and ship that product to your customer’s doorstep.

You can start this business with a very low investment. Many people are earning seven figures from this business. 

33. House Cleaning Services

Everyone likes to keep their home clean. It is also very important for your health to keep your home clean. 

Nowadays everyone is busy with their job, education or business & they don’t get time to clean their homes. 

Some people want everything to be comfortable while some people have good money and don’t need to work hard themselves and that’s why they hire others to clean their houses.

You can give house cleaning services to these people and charge good money for it.

34. Start A Clothing Store

Clothing is a basic human need. Everyone needs some clothes to protect their bodies from extreme heat, cold, and rain. There are also many other benefits of wearing clothes.

You can start a clothing store in your city and sell different types of clothes. You should focus on a single category such as you can sell only men’s cloths or only women’s clothes or only kid’s clothes.

You can also start a t-shirt shop or jeans shop in Sweden.

35. Start A Jewellery Store

Starting a jewellery store can be a good business idea for you. Nowadays men and women both wear different types of jewellery on different occasions.

You can sell jewellery like engagement rings, diamond rings, gold and silver jewellery, wedding rings, and earrings.

You can also sell jewellery online on different e-commerce platforms. You can sell customized jewellery to get a competitive advantage in this business. 

36. Start A Gift Store

Nowadays, everyone gives gifts to each other. People give gifts on various occasions such as Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, Anniversaries, and Corporate meetings. 

Starting a gift store is a very good business idea in Sweden. You can sell unique and customized gifts to get a competitive advantage. You can also create a website and sell gifts online.

37. Develop A Useful App

You can also develop a useful app in Sweden. Sweden is a good country for new startups. Many new apps are coming into the market every single day but not all apps are good. 

Nowadays creating an app has become very easy because you can easily learn this skill on the internet. If you have a good business idea or business model then you can also hire an App developer.

Understand one simple thing, developing an app is not a big thing but your app should be useful to people and the business model behind your app is also very important. 

If you have a good business model then you can make millions. 

38. Become A Content Writer

There are more than a billion blogs on the internet. Everyone is trying to post more and more good articles on their blogs. 

Some years ago, bloggers use to set up an office, purchase computer systems, and hire content writers for their work but nowadays they like to hire freelancers. You can work from your home according to your schedule.

You can contact bloggers on their email to get work.

39. Start An Ice Cream Parlour

In European countries, people cannot imagine their summer without ice cream. Nowadays, people eat ice cream in almost all seasons. 

You can start an ice cream parlour in Sweden. It is a very low-investment business idea and a good business opportunity in Sweden.

You can also get a franchise of a popular ice cream brand. 

40. Start A Day Care Centre

A large number of children are born in Sweden every year. Currently, there are more than 5,90,000 children between 0 to 4 years, age group, in Sweden

Taking care of a child is not an easy task. It is a full-time job. 

Both mother and father have to devote time to taking care of their child but nowadays everyone is busy due to their job or work and hence day care centres become useful for them. 

There is a good opportunity in this business in Sweden.

41. Start A Yoga School

Indian yogi Shyam Sundar Goswami started Europe’s first yoga school in Stockholm, Sweden. Its name is Goswami Yoga Institute. Sweden has a big history of yoga & gymnastics.

Sweden is a great place to start a Yoga School because there is already a good awareness of yoga. Yoga was the 8th most popular fitness method in Sweden in 2017.

You will easily get thousands of students for your Yoga School if you promote your business properly. If you don’t have money to start a yoga school then you can start a small yoga coaching centre from your home.

42.YouTube Video Editing Business

There are millions of youtube channels worldwide. A Youtube channel is not just a hobby but it is a foolproof business.

Many people get their bread and butter from youtube earnings. People have started big businesses around their youtube channels.

Youtubers hire video editors to edit their videos. YouTube video editing is a good business opportunity in Sweden. You can also work with foreign YouTubers. It is a good home business idea in Sweden.

43. Publish Your Ebooks

People are making millions by publishing Ebooks. Nowadays publishing your ebook has become very easy. Anyone with basic internet knowledge can write and publish an ebook.

There is a platform called Amazon Kindle on which you can self-publish your book. You just have to upload your text content and cover image of the book.

If someone places an order on amazon then amazon creates an ebook or paperback book and delivers it to your customer.

If you don’t want to work with amazon then you can also sell your ebook directly to your customers using your blog, youtube channel, and Facebook ads.

44. Become A Video Scriptwriter

Billions of people consume video content every single day. There are many platforms like youtube, Instagram, and Facebook on which people watch videos.

Millions of video content creators create videos for different platforms. Scriptwriting is an essential part of the video creation process. Video creators hire scriptwriters to write scripts for their videos.

You can become a scriptwriter and earn good money from this business. 

45. Printed Clothes & Accessories Seller

Nowadays, people like to wear printed clothes. They also like to use printed accessories so there is a huge demand for this business.

You can start printed clothes and accessories selling business in Sweden. You can sell things like printed t-shirts, printed mugs, phone cases, printed bags, and much more.

You can also sell these products online by creating your e-commerce store. 

46. Start A Smartphone Retail Store

There are more than 9 million smartphone users in Sweden. A Mobile is not a permanent item, after some years it gets damaged and you have to buy a new mobile.

Sweden is a very developed country and therefore the demand for smartphones and related accessories is also very high. 

You can start a smartphone retail store in Sweden and

47. Start A Cyber Security Services

Internet users are increasing every single day. Internet penetration is extremely good in Sweden and hence almost every business or company has a website or app and even those who don’t have one will create it in the future. 

The big problem in this digital world is the security of your website or app. 

If you have interest, knowledge or experience in this field then you can start a business of cyber security services in Sweden. You will also get clients from other countries. You can make millions from this business.

48. Organic Fruits & Vegetable Seller

As I said, there is a big opportunity in the organic farming business. Many people have farmland or don’t have an interest in farming then you have many other options. 

You can become an organic fruits and vegetable seller in Sweden. You can contact those farmers who are doing organic farming near your city. You can buy bulk fruits or vegetables wholesale from them and sell them in the market with a profit margin.

You can also set up a small shop to do this business.

49. Start A Store For Electronic Appliances

Sweden’s Electronic appliances market is a billion-dollar market. These days, almost everyone uses electronic appliances. These appliances have become an important part of our life.

Our lifestyle is dependent on electronic appliances such as Tv, computer, fridge, mixer, toasters, and washing machines.

You can start an electronic appliances store in Sweden and earn good money from it.

50. Tourism Company In Sweden

Sweden’s tourism industry is growing very fast. A big number of tourists are visiting Sweden every single year & hence tourism-related businesses have a big business opportunity in Sweden. 

In Sweden, most of the tourist comes from neighbouring countries such as Norway, danish, and Germany.

There are many popular tourist places in Sweden such as Gamla Stan, Vasa Museum, Drottningholm Palace, and The Royal Palace.

Starting a tourism company will be a great business idea in Sweden.

51. Start A Mining Business

There is a huge mining industry in Sweden. Sweden is the largest Iron Ore producer in Europe. Sweden’s mining industry is 6000 years old. The mining industry has made a huge contribution to Sweden’s economy.

Sweden is also very popular in Gold Mining. It is the second-largest gold producer in Europe Union.

If you can invest big capital then you can enter into the mining business in Sweden.

52. Electric Car Battery Manufacturing

There are more than 384 582 rechargeable vehicles in Sweden. A battery is an extremely important part of an Electic vehicle.

Everyone knows that the demand for EVs is going to increase in future and hence businesses related to EVs are also going to grow.

Starting an Ev battery manufacturing business will be a good business idea for you in Sweden.

53. Start A Salon

Sweden’s Beauty & Personal Care market worth 2.1 billion US dollars in 2022. 

Hairs are an important part of our body. Hairs grow on almost every human head and hence there is always a good business opportunity for hair-related business in Sweden.

Starting a Salon can be a good business idea for you. 

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Complete a salon course, do some practice
  • Start your salon & get licenses
  • Do marketing and advertising in your city

54. Computer Retail Store

Computers have become one of the most important devices in the world. 

Computers are used in almost every sector such as banks, education, communication, defence, medicine, and transportation. 

Many businesses are completely dependent on computer systems.

You can start a computer real shop where you can sell computers and their components. 

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Market research: which brands of computer do people use most in your area
  • Find the best wholesale supplier of computers and their accessories
  • Start your retail store 

55. Become A Business Consultant

In Sweden, Many people want to start their businesses but they are not getting proper information and guidance.

If you have an interest and knowledge in business then you can become a business consultant.

You can give different services to people such as strategy consulting, market consulting, operations consulting, financial consulting, HR consulting, and leadership consulting.

You can also create a youtube channel to promote your business.

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Read some books about business and marketing
  • Give free consultancy at starting.
  • Give your clients good results with free consultancy
  • Start charging money for your service

56. Start A Sweden Vlog

Nowadays, vlogging is becoming very popular. You must have seen many vlogging channels on YouTube. 

Vlogging does not mean just showing day-to-day but it is a lot more than that. You can create a vlog channel according to your interest.  If you have an interest in cooking then you can start a cooking vlog. 

You can teach different cooking recipes in your videos. Some popular examples of vlog channels are beauty vlogs, gaming vlogs, food vlogs, travel vlogs, health & fitness vlogs, and lifestyle vlogs.

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Decide which type of vlog channel you want to create
  • Create a youtube channel
  • Shoot your first video and upload

57. Start A Pet Store

As I said, there is a good business opportunity in pet-related businesses. The huge population of Sweden keeps different pet animals such as dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, and birds.

The Pet products market is very big in Sweden. You can start a pet store where you can sell different pet products.

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Do market research in your area to find which type of pet animals people keep and which products they purchase.
  • Find the wholesale supplier for these pet products
  • Open a store, register the business, and get licenses 

58. Become An Online Fitness Trainer

Nowadays, online fitness training is becoming more and more popular. If you have an interest in fitness then you can become an online fitness trainer.

You can create a youtube channel to give fitness training. You can also create online fitness courses and sell them on different platforms.

Before starting this business your fitness should be good. You should have proper knowledge and certifications to start this business.

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Start working with your fitness
  • Start a fitness youtube channel
  • Record your fitness course
  • Run Ads and get customers

59. Become A Solar Energy Equipment Supplier

Renewable energy usage is increasing very fast in Sweden. You can become a solar energy equipment supplier in Sweden.

You can manufacture & sell different solar products such as solar cells, inverters, visualization devices, roof brackets, ground stands and many other accessories.

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Learn solar equipment manufacturing process. Get training and required skills.
  • Find some good raw material suppliers. 
  • Register your company and get the required licenses.

60. Alternative Therapies Centre

Nowadays, people work in front of computers and smartphones.

Our lifestyle has become such that we are facing tremendous health problems such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, and eyestrain. Many times even doctors are unable to solve these problems.

Alternative Medicine or Alternative Therapies is one of the best solutions for such problems. There are many types of alternative therapies such as Acupuncture, Acupressure, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and Electromagnetic therapy.

Starting an alternative therapy centre is a very good business idea in today’s time. 

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Get the education and proper training for Alternative Therapies. Learn from an experienced person
  • You can work in an Alternative centre to get some experience.
  • Register business & get the required licenses

61. Get A Famous Franchise

There are many ways to start a business. Starting a business from scratch is not perfect for every type of person.

When you start a business from scratch then it takes a long time to become successful in it. Many times it becomes easy to get a franchise of a popular company or brand. 

You will get readymade business and an existing customer base.

How to start this business in Sweden

  • Decide in which industry you want to start your business such as clothing, food, or automobile
  • Make a list of some popular franchises in that industry
  • Contact the company and get the all required information about their franchise
  • Arrange capital to get the franchise


There are many businesses that you can start in Sweden but before starting a business make a proper business plan. Start with a small level and slowly scale your business.

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1. What business is best in Sweden?

There are many businesses which are perfect to start in Sweden but if you want to know which is the best business then I think the Export business is one of the best businesses in Sweden because Sweden’s economy is an export-oriented economy.

2. What business is in demand in Sweden?

Industrial machinery manufacturing, mining, tourism, and car rental businesses are some businesses that are high in demand in Sweden.

3. Is Sweden a good place to start a business?

Sweden is definitely a good place to start a business because it is a developed country and you will get the benefit of its developed infrastructure. Sweden’s government also encourages new innovations in the country.

4. Is starting a business in Sweden Hard?

It is definitely not hard to start a business in Sweden. If you have proper knowledge and skills then you can easily start a business in Sweden.

5. Can foreigners start a business in Sweden?

Yes, foreigners can also start a business in Sweden. Click on the link to know some good business ideas for Sweden.

6. Can I move to Sweden and start a business?

Yes, you can move to Sweden and start a business but to live more than 3 months in Sweden you must have a residence permit. You can apply it online

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