25 Travel & Tourism Business Ideas In South Africa [2023] | 25 Best Tourism Business Opportunities in South Africa [2023]

South Africa is one of the most popular countries for tourists from all over the world. Millions of people visit South Africa every single year to see different tourist places. 

In South Africa, there are many businesses growing extremely fast due to tourism. There is a huge opportunity in tourism businesses in South Africa. 

If you want to start a tourism-related business in South Africa then read this post. In this post, I have given 25 tourism business ideas in South Africa. 

So let’s get started –

List of 25 Tourism Business Ideas In South Africa

1. Start An Agrotourism Centre

A significant population of South Africa depends on agriculture for their survival. If you have farmland then you can start an agrotourism center in South Africa. 

The agrotourism industry is becoming extremely popular. People who live in developed countries and big cities have a huge attraction to agriculture and nature & hence nowadays people like to enjoy their holidays in an agrotourism center. 

You can also use the internet and social media to attract new tourists to your agritourism center.

2. Become A Tourist Guide

Tourism is a very big industry in South Africa. Millions of people visit South Africa every single year for tourism purposes. People come from different countries such as USA, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and France.

There are dozens of popular tourist places and it is very hard to visit all of these places without proper information and this is an opportunity for you. 

If you live in South Africa and have knowledge of tourist places then you can become a tourist guide and earn good money.

3. Become A Travel Consultant For Africa.

As I said there are dozens of tourist places and tourists need proper guidance before visiting these places. 

If you have a good knowledge of the tourism industry of South Africa then you can become a travel consultant and earn good money from this business.

4. Start A Travel Agency

You can also start a travel agency in south Africa. You can become a tour operator in south Africa and earn good money from these businesses.

You have to act as a middle person between travelers and companies. You can earn a good commission from this business. It is one of the best tourism business opportunities in South Africa.

5. Start A Travel Company

If you can invest good capital then you can start your own travel company in South Africa. Africa is extremely popular for its tourism industry and you can get huge benefits from it.

You can do a job in a popular travel company to get some experience in this business.

You can use social media such as Facebook, youtube to get new customers. 

6. Bed & Food Service

You can give bed and breakfast services to tourists and earn regular income from this business.

In this business, you have to give accommodation and food service to your customers. Almost every tourist need this service and there is a huge business opportunity in South Africa for this business.

7. Start An Ecotourism Agency

Ecotourism is becoming very popular in South Africa. Ecotourism includes responsible travel to natural places or areas, conservation of nature & environment, sustaining the well-being of local people, and use of sustainable transport.

Nowadays tourism is becoming very harmful to nature and hence ecotourism is becoming the best solution to this problem.

You can start an ecotourism agency and get a competitive advantage with ecotourism.

8. Vehicle Rental Business

Traveling is an important part of tourism, tourism cannot be done without traveling. 

Not everyone can purchase a new car or vehicle and hence nowadays, people use rental cars for traveling. 

In tourist places like South Africa, there is always a high demand for this service. You can purchase some cars or motorcycles and start this business.

If you don’t have money then you can tie up with these types of businesses and get a commission on every customer you give to them.

9. Travel Photography Service

When people visit different tourist places then they like to capture that movement and hence they shoot photos and videos of these places. Photography is an art and it takes time to learn this skill.

Nowadays everyone has a camera in their smartphone and they can shoot photos themselves but these photos do not look professional and cool and hence they hire some skilled photographers.

If you can learn the skill of photography and videography then you can start this business at the tourist places of South Africa.

10. Ticket Bookings & Registration Services

When you decide to go on a tour then you have to book tickets and do many types of registration. A common man doesn’t know all of these things and this is a business opportunity for you.

You can start a business where you can give ticket booking and registration services to those people. It is a good side business that you can do with your other businesses.

11. Start A Travel Vlog In South Africa

South Africa is a very beautiful country. There are hundreds of awesome tourist places in South Africa.

If you have a passion for traveling to different tourist places then you can start a travel vlog for south Africa. 

You can visit different tourist places and shoot some interesting videos of these places and upload these videos on youtube.

You can earn huge money from this business because you will get dozens of sponsorship opportunities.

12. Start A South Africa Tourism Blog

If you like writing then you can start a blog and write different articles on South African tourism.

There are many tourist places on which you can write articles. If you are able to rank your website and articles on the top of google then you will get many sponsorships from which you can earn huge money.

You can also use social media to get traffic to your blog or website.

13. Become A Social Media Influencer

Influencer marketing has a very good future in South Africa. Nowadays big companies and brands like to promote their products and service by using influencer marketing.

You must have seen people making short videos on youtube and Instagram. They create different types of videos such as dancing videos, music videos, and educational videos.

You will get many sponsorships from travel and tourism companies.

14. Start An Adventure Tourism company

Nowadays, people like to do adventure tourism such as visiting exotic locations and taking part in physically challenging tasks such as Climbing Mountains, Camping, Hill walking, Trekking, and Sky Diving.

If you like adventures then it can be a very good business idea in South Africa. Before starting this business you can experience this tour with any good tourism company.

You will get a huge number of customers because people like such adventures. 

15. Start A Medical Tourism Company

Nowadays, people travel to different countries for medical treatments. It includes all types of required services like accommodation, food, travel services, and medical services.

South Africa’s medical treatments are extremely affordable so many people travel to South Africa to take this benefit.

Starting a medical tourism company can be a good business idea for you in South Africa.

16. Start A Resort On The Beaches of South Africa

If you can invest a big capital then you can start a resort in South Africa. The resort is different from a normal hotel. 

A resort gives all the services which a hotel gives but it also gives many more services, There are many options for entertainment and enjoyment at a resort.

You can earn big money from this tourism business in South Africa.

17. Start A Restaurant

One of the most popular businesses in tourist places is starting a restaurant. Millions of people visit South Africa to see different tourist places and almost everyone needs this service.

You can start a restaurant at different tourist places in South Africa and earn good money from this business.

18. Translation Service

When a tourist from other countries visits south Africa they face a big problem with communication. Local people speak different languages and it becomes very hard for a foreigner to communicate with them.

Nowadays these tourists like to hire a language translater. Because of this service, tourists become able to communicate with anyone and get the best tour experience.

19. Homestay Service In Africa

Every tourist needs an accommodation service and hence there is high demand for hotels but nowadays the concept called Home Stay is becoming very popular. 

In homestay service, tourist lives with local people and eat with them. In this way, tourists get the experience local culture, food, and lifestyle. 

If you have a house near any tourist places then you can easily start this business. 

20. Photography & Videography

There are billions of content creators, businesses, marketers, and advertisers who need stock images and videos.

If you live in South Africa and have an interest in traveling to different locations then you can start Photography & Videography business.

You can shoot photos and videos at these locations and sell them on stock image websites such as Shutterstock, and istockphoto.

21. Taxi & Cab Services

Tourists and travelers need taxi or cab services all the time. This is a very good business opportunity in South Africa.

If you have money then you can purchase a car and start this business and if you don’t have money then you can get a car on lease and start this business. You can also purchase a second-hand car to do this business.

22. Create An Adventure Park

If you have a creative mind then you can create an adventure park in South Africa. These days, people like to do different adventures and you will get a big number of customers.

There is a big forest in Africa and you can create many amazing adventures for people, Before starting this business you can visit some popular adventure parks to get some creative ideas.

23. Selling Travel Kits & Accessories

Tourists and travelers need many products and accessories such as bags, shoes, Travel Organizer, Power Bank, Water bottles, and Sleeping Mask

You can start a shop where you can sell all of these products and accessories. You can also tie up with a travel agency in south Africa. You will get many customers from these travel agencies.

24. Travel Insurance Services

You can start a travel insurance business and give different travel insurance services to tourists.

You can earn very good money from this business in South Africa.

25. Luggage Transport Service

Tourists carry big luggage with them and it is hard to travel with it. You can start a logistic service for luggage and earn good money from it.

There are millions of tourists visiting Africa and many need this service. 

Conclusion – 

Before starting any of these businesses, make a proper business plan and understand the target market and your available resources. Start with small and then slowly scale your business.

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1. How do I start a travel business in South Africa?

To start a travel business in South Africa,
1. First, select which type of travel business you want to start.
2. Get detailed information about that business.
3. Get the required licenses and do the required registrations.
4. Do marketing and get customers.

2. How can I start a tourism business in South Africa?

1. First, read this complete post to know all the tourism business ideas in South Africa
2. Select a business for you according to your available resources & interest
3. Get the required information about business & learn the required skills.
4. Register your business & get the necessary licenses
5. Do marketing and advertising to get customers

3. What are the 6 tourism businesses?

Bed and Breakfast Service, taxi service, tourist guide, travel agency, selling travel accessories, and travel photography. Read the complete post for more business ideas. 

4. What business opportunities does tourism create?

Tourism creates many business opportunities such as accommodation-related businesses, food businesses, and transport businesses. Read the complete post for more business opportunities,

5. What are tourism business ideas?

Taxi service, agritourism, ecotourism, adventure tourism, and homestay business are some of the best tourism business ideas in South Africa. Read the full post for more business ideas.

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