1. Old Products Selling Business

You can become a middle person, where you can buy and sell old products to the people in Ahmednagar

2. Social Media Influencer

You can create video content for social platforms like youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

3. Hydroponic Farming

With this farming method, you can do farming in less water and in a small farmland

4. Academic Tuition Center

Teaching is another easy and profitable business idea for Ahmednagar

5. Become A Clothes Wholesaler

Ahmednagar is a district so you can earn good money if you become a clothes wholesaler.

6. Agro Tourism

You can develop an agro-tourism centre on your farmland. It is a good side business idea

7. Open Amul Ice Cream Parlour

You can get an Amul franchise in Ahmednagar. It is a popular brand so you will get a lot of customer

8. Become A Website Developer

Website development service is another good business idea. You can learn this skill online for Free

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