How does Google make billions?


Google is the biggest search engine in the world and Google's parent company “Alphabet” is one of the top 5 largest companies in the world. 

In 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google from a garage.

There are many search engines in the market like Google. But none of them deserve to compete with Google. Google has a market share of over 92%

Millions of people around the world search on Google every day. More than 560 crores of searches happen on Google every single day. 

We get almost all of Google's products and services for Free, so how does Google make money? 


When you search anything on Google or visit a website you see some ads and Google makes 80% of its revenue from those ads. 

In 2020, Google's revenue was 181.69 Billion US Dollars, of which 146.9 Billion US Dollars came from advertising alone. 

The rest of the revenue comes from other Google products like Google Cloud, Google Network, Google Other Bets, Google Play, Youtube, Hardwares like कि Home Products, PixelBook, Pixel Phones 

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