15 Small Business opportunities in Beed | 15 Small Business Ideas In Beed

Beed is a city in Maharashtra. The name of its district is also Beed. It comes under Marathwada Region.

I know there are many problems in Beed and hence I have written this post to solve one of your problems. 

If you are living in Beed and want to start a business then read this complete post. In this post, I have given 15 Best Small Business ideas in Beed, Maharashtra.

List of 15 Small Business Opportunites In Beed

1. Beed Vlogging Channel

If you like travelling then it can be the best business idea for you. You can start a small Vlogging Channel on YouTube.

There are many tourist attractions in Beed such as Shri Kankaleshwar Temple, Aadishakti Mata Yogeshwari Devi, Historical Gate, Khandoba Mandir, Vadyanath Mandir, Parali, and Sautada Waterfall

You visit different places and shoot videos about it to upload on your youtube channel. You can also upload other vlogging videos to entertain your audience.

2. Mobile Repairing Centre

Everyone uses a mobile or smartphone and hence services related to mobile are also in high demand. 

You can do a small course and start your mobile repair shop in Beed. You can also sell other smartphone accessories in your shop.

3. Start A Beauty Parlour

There is a big female population in Beed. Nowadays every female visits a beauty parlour to get different beauty services. 

You can do a small beauty parlour course and start this business in Beed. If you are a woman who wants to start a business then it is a good business idea for you.

You can also give these beauty parlour services from your home.

4. Motor Cycle Repairing & Servicing

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a motorcycle. Businesses related to motorcycles are also growing very fast. 

Starting a small motorcycle repairing and servicing centre can be a good business idea in Beed.

5. Hydrophonic Farming

Farmers in Beed District are facing many problems due to low rainfall. Most of the farmlands in Beed are totally dependent on rain. It is becoming difficult to survive only on farming. 

If you are living in Beed then you can start Hydrophonic Farming in your area. With this technique, you can grow many crops in low water. It is a very good business opportunity in Beed.

6. Start A Fabrication Business

Fabrication services have a huge demand in the construction industry. Many people need this service to create different household things. 

You can create doors, windows, gates, car parts, and cans. You have to get proper training before starting this business.

7. Street Food Stall

You can earn lakhs of rupees per month by starting a Street Food Stall In Beed.

Many people want to start a business but they don’t have the money. You don’t need a big investment to start this business. 

You can choose any popular food dish and start your food stall business in Beed.

8. Start Coaching Classes

A big number of student study different courses in Beed. You can start science or commerce, coaching classes in Beed.

You can teach 11th and 12th students in Beed. Coaching class owners are making good money from this business. 

9. Start Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business

Laundry and dry cleaning are some of the most required services in residential areas. 

If you have a low budget and want to start a business then it is a good business idea for you.

Find a residential area where many people live but there are not many shops nearby. You can start your shop in such areas.

10. Open A Small Gym

If you have an internet in fitness then there is a good business opportunity in this business. 

These days, people are becoming more and more aware of their fitness and hence the fitness industry is growing very fast in India.

You can start a small gym and earn good money from it. 

11. Saree Retail Store

In India, the saree is one of the most popular apparel for women. There is a high demand for different types of sarees in India and it’s an opportunity for you.

You can find some good wholesale suppliers and start a Saree store in Beed.

12. Open A Kirana Shop

There is a big demand for kirana shops in almost every area. If you want a proven business idea then kirana shop can be your option. 

You can easily earn 30 thousand to 1 lakh per month from this business in Beed. 

13. Manufacturing of Bricks

If you can invest some extra money then you can start a brick manufacturing plant in Beed. 

There are many different types of bricks that are being used in India such as Concrete bricks, Engineering bricks, Eco bricks, and Fly ash bricks.

You should get proper training before starting this business

14. Poultry Farming

A huge number of people in Beed depend on agriculture. The biggest problem of this area is low rainfall hence farmers are not earning good money from farming.

There are many good side businesses that you can do with farming such as poultry farming. 

If you have an empty area in your farmland then you can start poultry farming and earn a good side income from it.

15. Develop An Agri Tourism Centre

If you want to know one of the best business opportunities in Beed then Agri Tourism can be your choice. 

There is a big attraction of village life among those people who live in the city. They are ready to pay thousands of rupees for the village life experience and it’s an opportunity for you.

If you are farmland then you can start an Agri tourism centre in Beed and make good money out of it.


If you are looking to start a business in Beed then you can definitely consider these business opportunities. 

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