45+ Best Low Investment Business Ideas In Nashik [ 100% Profitable ] | 45 New Small Business Opportunities In Nashik

Nashik is the third largest city in Maharashtra and it is one of the fasted growing cities in India hence there are many significant business opportunities. 

In this post, I gave 45 new small business ideas in Nashik.

Under every business idea, you will find some precious information hence read the complete article and it can change your life.

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List of 45 New Small Business Ideas In Nashik, Maharashtra

1. Briquettes Manufacturing

Briquette is a compressed block of combustible biomass material. Coel dust, charcoal, paper, sawdust, wood, and other things are used to make briquettes.

Briquette is used as fuel in many industries. It is also used in Indian villages as fuel. 

There are many industries and villages in Nashik district so starting a Briquettes manufacturing business can be a good business idea for you in Nashik

2. Cold Storage Service

Crores of people in Nashik are involved in agriculture. Cold storage is one of the most needed services for agriculture and hence it is a business opportunity for you.

You can start a cold storage business in Nashik and earn good money from it. You can give cold storage services to vegetables, fruits, grains, and dairy products. 

3. Mushroom Cultivation

Many people are earning lakhs of rupees from mushroom farming in India. 

You can start a mushroom cultivation business with very low investment and little space.

You will find many farmers who are giving training for mushroom cultivation in Maharashtra.

With a small space, you can easily earn up to 1 lakh per month with a mushroom cultivation business.

4. Surgical Bandage Manufacturing

These days, people are facing hundreds of deadly diseases and health problems hence they are going for different surgeries. 

There are many tools and products needed for surgery and one of those is the surgical bandage. 

You can start a surgical bandage manufacturing plant in Nashik.

5. Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing

Sanitary napkin is another necessary product for ladies and there is a great demand for them.

You have a great business opportunity in Nashik for sanitary napkin manufacturing. 

You can start a sanitary napkin manufacturing business in Nashik. You can create your sanitary napkin brand in the future to multiply your revenue.

6. Nashik Travell Vlog Channel

Lakhs of people visit Nashik for tourism. Nashik is very famous for Kumbh Mela which is held after every 12 years.

You can start a YouTube channel in just 5 minutes. You can visit different famous places in Nashik and make videos of them to upload on your youtube channel.

7. Coconut Powder Production

Coconut is a widely eaten fruit and an important ingredient in many food dishes. 

Nowadays, people like to use coconut power because they find it easier and hence an opportunity rises for you.

Coconut power is used in many foods such as desserts, puddings, smoothies and curries. Many people use it as a substitute for milk.

8. Mango Jam Making

You can start a mango Jam business in Nashik. People eat jam in the morning for their breakfast and there is a great demand for it.

There are many online and offline courses available to learn the basics of jam and jelly making.

9. Grocery Home Delivery Service

If you want to start a business with a low investment then you definitely think about this business.

You will need 3 to 5 lakhs to start a grocery store but this business can be started for under 2 thousand rupees.

You can buy groceries from wholesalers and deliver them to your customers. 

10. Ayurvedic Medicines Making

Ayurveda is becoming a very effective solution to many health problems and hence the demand for ayurvedic medicines is also increasing very fast.

Ayurvedic medicines manufacturing is another profitable business idea in Nashik. You have to take proper training before starting this business.

11. Fashion Jewellery Selling

Indian women love to wear different kinds of jewellery. Not every woman can afford gold and silver jewellery and hanse they like to buy fashion jewellery. 

You can start a shop where you can sell fashion jewellery and earn good money. It is a very good business idea for Nashik.

12. Guava Jam Making

Similar to mango jam you can also start a guava Jam making business in Nashik

There is high demand for different types of jam in the market. You can also make different types of Jams after understanding the market demand.

13. Start A Computer Training Institute

In almost every industry, computer-related skills are required.

Lakhs of students apply for different computer courses and hence you can start this business in Nashik.

You can give courses such as  Tally, MS-CIT, Programming Languages, Software Courses, and Typing

14. Become a Financial Planner

Many people earn good money but they don’t know how to manage and invest that money. 

A financial Planner is a person who helps people to make proper management and future planning of their money. 

If you have knowledge of finance then you can start this business in Nashik.

15. Nashik Tourism Agency

As I said there are hundreds of tourist attractions in Nashik such as Trimbakeshwar Temple, Ramkund, Pandavleni, and Muktidham. 

You can start a small tourism agency or company for Nashik. You can earn huge money from this business in Nashik.

16. Disposal Plates Manufacturing

Disposal plates are used everywhere such as in weddings, events, meetings, hotels, and canteens. 

You can start a disposal plate manufacturing business in Nashik with a medium investment. Machines are also available at a cheaper price so you can definitely think about this business.

Before starting this business, you can work in a disposal plates manufacturing company to get some knowledge and experience. 

17. Herbal Products Manufacturing

The market of herbal and ayurvedic products is growing extremely fast in India.

If you don’t have the required skill then you can acquire it by doing a course or taking the education.

There are many products that have high demand such as herbal tea, herbal oil, herbal soap, herbal cosmetics and shampoo

18. Start A Fabrication Shop

Fabrication is another good business idea for Nashik. Fabrication is used to create many different products such as metal windows, doors, Railings, and cupboards. 

Cutting, welding, punching, and drilling are some of the works involved in fabrication.

The profit margin is very high in this business so you can definitely add this business idea to your list.

19. Whole Wheat Bread Making

Bread is the main breakfast food for many people and hence there is high demand for bread all over the world. 

White bread is made from maida and many people face digestion problems after eating it hence people are switching towards whole wheat bread. 

You can start a whole wheat-making business and create your whole wheat bread brand. It is a very profitable new business idea in Nashik

20. Wedding Photography

Photographers make good money from wedding photography.

In India, Lakhs of wedding takes place every single year and hence there is a big business opportunity in this industry.

There are many online and offline photography courses available in the market. You can do a small course and immediately start this business.

21. Start A Oil Mill

Oil is used for cooking all over the world, it is one of the essential ingredients of every food dish. 

You can start an oil mill in Nashik. Many oil mill training programs are available in the market. You can create your oil brand in the future. 

22. Start A Village Tourism Centre

If you have farmland near Nashik then you can start a Village Tourism Centre. People pay thousands of rupees to get the village lifestyle experience.

There is no need for a big investment to start this business, you can create a Village Tourism centre on your existing farmland with available resources.

23. Organic Fertilizers Manufacturing

Artificial fertilizers cause many health problems and hence people they are preferring organic food over regular one. 

Farmers also understand the importance of organic farming and hence the demand for organic fertilizers is increasing. 

It is one of the very profitable manufacturing business ideas in Nashik.

24. Open A Garage

Nowadays, almost everyone is using some kind of vehicle and hence there is a huge demand for services related to vehicles.

Starting a garage is low investment business idea. You just need to learn the required skills to start this business.

25. Start Job Placement Agency

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems in India and hence Job Placement agencies have a huge demand.

You can start a job placement agency in Nashik with a very low investment.

To start this business, you have to increase your contacts with HR departments of different companies.

26. Start Science Coaching Classes

Science coaching centres are making lakhs of rupees every month.

If you want to start a business with low investment then science coaching classes can be one of your options.

You can teach subjects such as Physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics in your classes.

27. Open A Gym

Nowadays, people are becoming very conscious about their fitness. The number of gym memberships is increasing in almost every city. 

If you have a passion for fitness then you can open a gym in Nashik. You can easily earn 50 thousand to 1 lakh per month from a gym business.

28. Become An Interior Designer

Everyone wants that the interior of their home, office or apartment should look good and attractive. 

Nowadays, almost everyone hires an interior designer to design the interior of their homes. There is a big demand for interior designers in the construction sector.

You can learn the skills of interior designing and start this business in Nashik.

29. Start A Furniture Store

You can start a small furniture store in Nashik. There is a very good profit margin in the furniture business and hence you have a big business opportunity in this sector.

You can create different types of furniture according to the demand of your customers.

You should hire some good furniture workers before starting this business.

30. Open A Mattress Store

When people come home after a long day of work, they take rest or sleep on the mattress.

You will find a mattress on almost every bed and hence people are making good money from this business.

You can find some good mattress suppliers and start your mattress store in Nashik.

31. Open An Adventure Park

People like to enjoy their weekends or holiday. Nowadays people visit adventure parks to enjoy their time. 

People do many activities in an adventure park such as rock climbing, horse riding, Paintball Fights, Water Sports, Double seater cycling, Sky cycling, and Buggy ride

There are many small and big adventure parks in Maharashtra such as Della Adventure Park, Magic Mountain, Sayajiraje Park, and Wonders Park

You can select a unique theme for your Adventure Park according to your resource and area.

32. Agriculture Equipment Shop

A big number of people in Nashik District are involved in farming and related activities.

There are many different types of equipment and tools required in agriculture. 

You can start a shop where you can sell equipment and tools required for agriculture.

33. Start A Small Missal Corner

Missal is one of the most popular street food in Maharashtra. Missal is eaten in almost every city in Maharashtra. 

You can learn the skills required to make a good missal and start this business in Nashik.

34. Start A Vadapav Shop

Similar to missal, Vada Pav is also one of the most popular street food in Maharastra. 

You can start a Vada Pav shop in Nashik and earn good money from this business. 

You have to learn how to make a good Vada Pav before starting this business. You will find many videos on your teaching the same.

35. Start A Tea & Snacks Corner

Tea is a national drink of our country. People make lakhs of rupees from a small tea shop.

If you have a low budget then you can start a tea and snacks corner in Nashik. Make your shop unique and attractive.

You can use Kullad to serve the tea so it will create a competitive advantage for your shop.

36. Ladies Undergarment Store

The market for Ladies undergarments is very big. You can start a small shop and sell women’s and girl’s undergarments. 

There is a very good profit margin in this business. If you are a woman then you can definitely think about this business idea.

37. Software Development Service

Nowadays, Software is used in almost every sector and there is a big need and demand for software-related services. 

If you have the knowledge and skills required for software development then you can start this business in Nashik.

You can develop different types of software according to the need of your customers.

38. Open A Saree Store

The saree is one of the main women’s clothes in India. There is a huge demand for different types of sarees in the Indian market. 

You can open a specialized saree store in Nashik. It is a high Margin business so you earn huge money from this business.

39. Fish Farming

If you are involved in the agriculture business then fish farming can be a good side business idea for you.

Fish has widely eaten food and you can earn a good side income from this business in Nashik.

40. Start A Poultry Farm

Starting a Poultry farm is another good side business idea in Nashik. If you have farmland then you can definitely think about this business idea.

Chicken is eaten everywhere and hence you will get plenty of customers.

41. OYO Franchise Business

OYO is one of the biggest hotel booking websites in India.

If you own a flat or rooms in a good area then you can get an OYO franchise and earn good money from it.

Lakhs of people book hotel rooms from OYO and hence you will get plenty of customers.

42. Taxi Service

Almost everyone needs a taxi or auto rickshaw service.

If you want a proven business idea for Nashik then you can start a taxi or auto rickshaw service business.

You can easily earn 30 to 50 thousand per month from this business in Nashik.

43. Agriculture Transportation Business

The agricultural transportation business is another one of the best business ideas in Nashik.

There are a big number of people who do farming in the Nashik district.

Transportation is one of the essential services needed for the agriculture sector and hence you can also start this business in Nashik.

44. Business Website Development

There are plenty of small businesses and companies in Nashik.

Nowadays, almost every business wants to create a website for their business and hence the demand for website development services is increasing. 

If you have the skill of website development then you can develop business websites for them and earn 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees per month

45. Unique Gifts Store

Giving gifts to each other is a very popular trend all over the world.

People give gifts to each other Not just in their personal life but also in their professional life.

You can start a gift store where you can sell unique-looking and attractive gifts.

46. Wholesale Garment Supplier

There are many small cities and villages that come under Nashik District.

When someone starts a garment retail store then they need a good wholesale supplier. Nashik will be the first option for people who live near Nashik District.

Starting a wholesale garment shop is one of the best wholesale business ideas in Nashik


If you are starting a business in Nashik, Maharashtra then you can definitely think about the above business ideas. 

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