Meaning Behind The Name of 7 Popular Companie


1. Amazon

Amazon is the name of the largest river in the world. This river is in South America. Amazon is named after this river. 

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2. Google

The word Google is derived from the word Googol. Googol is a mathematical number. The number formed by putting 100 "Zeros" in front of one is called Googol.

3. Microsoft

The word Microsoft is derived from two words Microcomputers and Software. The word Microsoft is made up of the words Micro from Microcomputers and Soft from Software. 

4. Sony

The word Sony is derived from two words, Sonus and Sonny. Sonus is a Latin word meaning sound or sonic and the word sonny means small child 



5. Vodafone

The word Vodafone is made up of three words - Voice, Data and Phone

6. Nokia

Nokia is named after a small town called Nokia and the river "NokiaVirta". Nokia is a small town in Finland.

7. Samsung

The word Samsung means three stars. The founder of the company had such a vision that this company should become powerful and everlasting like the stars. 

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