30 Small Business Ideas In Ahmednagar | 30 Business Opportunities In Ahmednagar

Ahmednagar is the biggest district in Maharashtra. There are many business opportunities in Ahmednagar & hence I have given the 30 best small business ideas in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

A significant population of Ahmednagar is involved in agriculture and hence you will also get many agriculture business ideas in Ahmednagar.

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List of 30 Best Small Business Ideas In Ahmednagar

These business ideas are best for people living in Ahmednagar city & district. You can also do these businesses outside Ahmednagar.

1. Selling Old Products

Selling old products is a very good business for Ahmednagar. Many people are interested in buying old products like old electronic appliances, utensils, and motorcycles.

The population of Ahmednagar is very high & you can earn good money from this business in Ahmednagar.

How much can you earn?₹15,000 – ₹50,000 /month
Initial Investment ₹0 – ₹50,000
Skills Needed Selling, Marketing, Communication

How to start this business in Ahmednagar:-

  • Visit the Market & see what others are selling
  • Decide which old products you want to sell for Ex – motorcycles, Electronic appliances
  • Select the location for your business such as a market, a crowded area, 
  • Learn Selling & Marketing Skills
  • Get a shop or start a stall 

2. Social Media Influencer

Last year, the Indian influencer marketing industry was worth 9 billion Indian rupees & it is expected that it will grow at a compound growth rate of 25% in the next few years.

Crores of people use social media every single day. Social media is not just for timepass it is an industry. Many people are earning huge money from social media.

You must have seen people teaching, singing, acting, and dancing on social media, these are social media influencers.

Nowadays big companies and brands prefer social media influencers over other mediums to market their products. 

You can do something like that and earn money.

How much can you earn?₹50,000 – ₹4,00,000 /month
Initial Investment ₹0 – ₹5000
Skills Needed Video Making, Topic Related Skills, Research
Resources Needed Smartphone, Internet Connection

3. Coaching Center for Competitive Exams

It is expected that the Indian Education Market will be worth USD 225 billion in the year 2025.

Ahmednagar is a very big city. Many students prepare for competitive exams like banking, Mpsc, Upsc, Neet, Jee, and CET in Ahmednagar.

If you have an interest in teaching then you can start this business. It is a zero-investment business idea so anyone with good knowledge can start this business.

How much can you earn?25,000 – ₹3,00,000 /month
Initial Investment ₹0 – ₹5000
Skills NeededSubject Knowledge, Teaching

4. Open An Amul Icecream Parlour

Amul is the most popular ice cream brand in India. Amul is known for its good quality products.

One of the biggest benefits of getting an Amul franchise is that

Amul has a huge customer base in India & You don’t have to start from scratch. You will get all the support from Amul company.

Ahmednagar is a big city so you can earn huge money from the Amul franchise. 

You can easily get an Amul franchise in Ahmednagar. You can sell hundreds of different Amul products in your shops such as milk, ice cream, paneer, and yoghurt.

How much can you earn?₹15,000 – ₹2,00,000 /month
Initial Investment₹3,00,000 – ₹8,00,000
Skills NeededSelling, Customer Relations, Communication

5. Ahmednagar Tourism Agency

The Indian tourism industry has generated ₹13.2 lakh crore last year and this number is going to increase rapidly.

There are many popular tourist places in Ahmednagar such as Meherabad, Ralegan Siddhi, Cavalry Tank Museum, Shri Munjaba Temple, Ukkadgaon, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth. 

You can start a travel & tourism agency for the Ahmednagar district.

How much can you earn?₹3,00,000 /month
Initial Investment₹15,000 – ₹5,00,000
Skills NeededMarketing, Local Information, Driving, Management, Local Contacts

6. Website Development Service

Nowadays every businessman is looking to create a website for their business. If you can learn website development then you easily start this business in Ahmednagar. 

There are many businesses, companies, and industries so you have a huge business opportunity in Ahmednagar for web development.

You will also get work from other cities and countries if you do some online advertising for your business.

How much can you earn?5,000 – ₹5,00,000 /month
Initial Investment₹0 – ₹5,000
Skills NeededWeb Development, Digital Marketing, Problem Solving

7. Marketing & Advertising Agency

There are thousands of businesses & companies in Ahmednagar & everyone wants to promote and market their business. 

Marketing and advertising are two of the most important things for any business. If you are good at marketing then you can start a marketing & advertising agency in Ahmednagar.

You can also provide digital marketing services to them. You can learn all the things from the internet for free & start your business.

How much can you earn?₹50,000 – ₹10,00,000 /month
Initial Investment₹0 – ₹5,000
Skills NeededMarketing, Digital Marketing, Communication

8. Graphic Design & Printing

The Graphic design & printing service is also a very good business idea in Ahmednagar. It is also a very high-demand service. If you have a computer or laptop then you can easily start this business from your home.

Businesses, brands, politicians, and organizations always need to create logos, brochures, flyers, social media posts, business cards, banners & much more.

You can also work with YouTubers, Social media Influencers, and Bloggers because they also need this service.

How much can you earn?₹30,000 – ₹1,50,000 /month
Initial Investment₹10,000 – ₹50,000
Skills NeededGraphic Design, Software, Marketing

9. Garment Manufacturing Plant

The Textile & apparel industry is one of the biggest industries in India. It is the 2nd largest employer in the country.

There is a huge business opportunity in this sector. You can start a garment manufacturing plant in Ahmednagar & earn a massive amount of money. 

Indian population is huge and hence the demand for clothes is also very high & you can take the benefit of it.

How much can you earn?₹1,00,000 – ₹5Cr /month
Initial Investment₹20,00,000 – 5Cr
Skills NeededProduction, Marketing, Textile Market

10. Become A Distributor In Ahmednagar

You can become a distributor of any popular company. A distributor is an important person for a company because he distributes the products of the company to the retail shops and markets.

Manufacturers need distributors to distribute their products across the country as distributors have a large network. 

You will get many distributorship opportunities in Ahmednagar. You can become a distributor for a popular company and earn good money from this business

Before starting this business you can work under a distributor to get experience.

11. Tourist Guide For Ahmednagar

Like I said before, Ahmednagar is a very good city for tourists as it has many tourist places. For new tourists, it is very hard to find the right tourist places and visit them before closing time. 

You can become a tourist guide and travel with these tourists and earn good money. You can also read the details & history of these places so you can impress your customers.

12. Taxi or Autorickshaw Service

In big cities, travelling is a big issue for people & also a big opportunity too. If you want to start a business with low investment then it is a perfect business idea for you.

In Ahmednagar, lakhs of people travel daily. If you start a taxi or auto rickshaw service then you can earn good money every single month.

It is an easy and profitable business idea for beginners.

13. Open A Grocery Store

Grocery products are needed for the basic survival of a human. You can start a grocery store in any residential or market area of Ahmednagar. 

There is a big area of Ahmednagar that is still developing and there are no grocery stores near it. If you start a grocery store near that area, you will get almost zero competition.

14. Agri Tourism 

In Ahmednagar district, around 46.47% of the working population are farmers and 22.27% are agriculture workers. There is a huge business opportunity for agriculture-related businesses in this area.

If you have a farm or farmland near Ahmednagar then you can easily start your Agri tourism centre. If you don’t have farmland but if you have relatives living in the villages, you can still start this business.

Nowadays people living in cities and foreign countries like to enjoy their vacations at Agri tourism centres. You can earn good money from this side business in Ahmednagar.

15. Dry Fruits Seller

You must have seen many dry fruits seller in your city. They earn good money from this business. 

You can also start a similar business or you can also sell dry fruits in your existing Kirana shop or food-related shop.

You can sell different types of dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts, dates, Walnuts, Kismis, and brazil nuts. You can see people’s demand in your area & then select what dry fruits you have to sell in your shop.

Dryfruits are costly and you can earn a good profit from this business.

16. Become A Clothes Wholesaler

In big cities like Ahmednagar, there are many cloth manufacturers & you can easily visit their factories and get detailed information. If you purchase clothes from these manufacturers, you will get clothes at the factory rate.

You can start a wholesale clothing store. You can sell those clothes to retailers. You can also sell those clothes to shops in other cities. 

Many people who live in small cities want to start a retail garment shop but there are almost no wholesalers in their cities & here you have the business opportunity.

17. Transport & Shipping Service

There are many shops, businesses, and companies in Ahmednagar. Almost everyone needs transport & shipping service.

You can start a transport and shipping service in Ahmednagar. You can start at the small level, where you can give transport service to local shops and eventually you can also work with big companies.

You can also give transport service to farmers in Ahmednagar district, where you can transport farm produce to cities.

18. Sugar Cane Farming

Sugar cane is one of the most popular crops in the Ahmednagar district. You start sugar can farming in your village and earn good money.

Sugarcane is used to make jaggery, ethanol, sugar and many other products. It is also used for the sugarcane juice business in the summer season. 

19. Gift & Toy Store

Nowadays giving gifts to each other is becoming very popular. There are many events during which people give gifts to each other such as Weddings, Birthdays, Celebrations, Success Parties, and Corporates Meetings.

You can start a gift store where you can sell different types of gifts. If you sell unique and personalised gifts then you can create a competitive advantage.

Before starting this business you should research, what type of gifts are given in your area.

20 Provide Tiffin Service

Food is essential for the survival of humans. Many people come from other cities and villages for education or employment in a city like Ahmednagar & They need tiffin service. 

You can make lakhs of rupees from the tiffin business.

You can learn cooking & start this business. You can also take the help of ladies in your home to start this business.

21. Organic Farming

This is one of the best future business ideas for the whole world. Nowadays people are suffering from many deadly diseases such as cancer, asthma, heart disease & many more.

One of the biggest reasons for these health problems is food that is full of chemicals. 

Fertilizers and pesticides used on farms are extremely bad for our health & people are slowly becoming aware of it.

Organic farming is the best alternative solution for it. If you start organic farming then you can earn extremely good profit.

22. Property Developer

You can develop properties in Ahmednagar. Everyone needs a home to live in & nowadays it has become difficult to find a good home in a good place.

You can build and sell high-quality flats and houses. You can earn a lot of money from this business

23. Rooms Renting 

In big cities, many people come from other cities and villages for study or job & need rooms to stay in. You can make a regular and steady income from the room-renting business in Ahmednagar.

You can give room to students, couples, corporate employees, government employees, and businessmen.

If you have a home or apartment then you can easily start this business.

24. Get A Hotel Franchise In Ahmednagar

People are making crores from the hotel business. There are many hotel business ideas that you can work on & franchise business is one of them.

You can get a franchise of any popular hotel brand or food brand and make lakhs or even crores.

The biggest benefit of franchise business is that these big brands already have a customer base & existing business structure & you do not have to start from scratch.

25. Readymade Garment Store

There is a huge opportunity in the garment store business in Ahmednagar because it is a big city and a district too.

There is a very high-profit margin in the garment business so you can earn huge money from this business.

If you don’t have money to start a store then you can also start this business from your home.

In future, you can sell clothes online on e-commerce platforms like amazon, and Flipkart. You can also create your website to sell different garments.

26. Open A Shop For Household goods

You can start a shop for household products like Buckets, Cleaners, House Cleaning Tools, dustbins, Storage Boxes & much more. You can also sell these products in your existing grocery store.

You have to choose a good location for your shop because the location of the shop plays a big role in the success of such businesses.

First of all, visit other household products shops in your area and see what items they are selling & then buy only those items from a good wholesaler. This way, you can start your business is a minimum investment.

27. Academic Tuition Center

Tuition centres are making crores. If you have an interest in teaching then this is a very profitable business idea for you.

The population of students are very high in India. People are understanding the importance of good education. 

There are many schools and colleges in India but the quality of education they give is very poor. You can start a tuition centre and teach subjects like Science, Math, English, and History. 

You can also start a tuition centre for college students and teach subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, accounting, taxation, and costing. 

28. Hydroponic Farming

Ahmednagar district is a drought-prone area because the rainfall is very low in this area. Hydroponic farming is becoming very popular among farmers in Ahmednagar.

With hydroponic farming, you can grow crops in low water. You can also grow cow fodder ( Chara ) with this technique.

29. Hydroponic Traning Centre

You can also start a hydroponic training centre in Ahmednagar. A huge population of Ahmednagar is involved in agriculture & related businesses.

One of the biggest problems in Ahmednagar is low rainfall & that’s why many farmers suffer a lot. You can teach hydroponic

30. Vertical Farming

Verticle farming is becoming more and more popular in India. Vertical farming is a new farming technology in which crops are cultivated in vertically stacked layers.

There are many benefits of vertical farming such as – 

  • You can grow crops in less water
  • You can control the atmosphere
  • You can increase the productivity of your crops.


I have written these business ideas specially for Ahmednagar but there are many other businesses that you can start in Ahmednagar. Read the below posts to know more business ideas for Ahmednagar.

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