35 Best Education Business Ideas In India | Top 35 Teaching Business Ideas In India

India’s education system is one of the biggest education systems in the world. There are more than 15 lakh schools in India. There are more than 97 lakh teachers and more than 26 crore students in India

It is estimated that India’s education sector is worth more than 115 Billion US Dollars.

There are many businesses in this sector, whose numbers are still unknown. If we include those numbers, you cannot imagine how big this industry is.

The bigger the industry, the more opportunities you get to earn money and do business, so in this post, I will give you some top Education Business Ideas for India.

In this list of education business ideas in India, I have given many teaching business ideas and also some other education business ideas for India

Teaching Related Education Business Ideas In India

1. Start A Tuition Class

Starting a tuition class is the easiest education business idea for India. As I said the Indian education system is very huge and millions of students study in India every single year. 

There are at least 2 to 3 schools in almost every city in India. If we consider only 500 to 1000 students in a single school then there are 2000 to 3000 students in every city.

If you just get 100 students every year, you can easily earn Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000 per month. 

If you want to become a good teacher then you can learn teaching skills online on youtube. You can start this business with almost zero investment and earn lots of money.

2.  English Speaking Classes

English is one of the most important languages in the world. Everyone should be good at English whether he or she wants to do a job or business.

English of Indian people is still very bad and this is where you have an opportunity to start a business.

You can start English-speaking classes in your city and you didn’t need to make a big investment to start this business. You can do this business even from your home.

3. Yoga Classes

Health is the biggest problem in the world. There are a huge number of diseases and problems that you cannot even count.

Yoga is not just good for your physical health but it is also extremely useful for your mental health.

You can start a yoga centre in your city and teach yoga asanas to the people. You can start this business with zero investment and earn good money.

You can learn yoga from another yoga centre and then you can start your yoga centre.

4. Cooking Classes

Cooking is one of the most important and useful skills for our survival. If you are good at cooking then you can start your cooking classes in your city. 

You can start your cooking classes at zero investment because all the things required for cooking are already available at our homes.

You can teach people everyday meals or you can even teach them how to make specific food dishes.

 You can start this business from your home and earn good money per month.

You can start the business of Cooking Classes from your home also. You can teach people how to cook everyday meals, or you can even start classes on making special items.

In the future, you can also sell online cooking courses and make crores.

5.  Acting Classes

If you have an interest in acting then you can start your acting classes and earn good money by teaching people acting skills. 

Nowadays. Lakhs of people make videos for youtube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. There are many video categories such as comedy, and short films for which they need acting skills.

You will teach acting to children and teenagers in your class. You can create your short films and videos and upload them on youtube by creating your youtube channel. The big benefit of this is that you will get actors & actresses for free. 

You can earn huge money from your YouTube channel.

6. Dance Classes

Dancing is one of the most popular skills. If you have an interest and passion for dancing then you can start your dance classes.

You can teach different dance styles to other people and earn good money from it.

Nowadays people are consuming video content more than any other. You must have seen many dance videos on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. These videos are getting millions of views. 

Many people make such dance videos, upload them on these platforms, and earn their income from these videos. Their life is dependent on this income but to make such videos, dancing skills are needed. 

Many peoples want to become actors and they are also your future customer. Hence, If you start a dance class then you will get a lot of customers and you can earn good money from this business.

7. Singing & Music Classes

Singing and music are other extremely popular skills that many people want to learn.

Like dance, many people upload singing and music videos on platforms like Youtube and Instagram. Many people learn these skills even as a hobby.

You can start Singing and music classes in your city where you can teach these skills to people and children. You can also teach people to play different musical instruments.

You can also teach these skills to people by creating your own YouTube channel where you can upload your singing and music videos. You can also upload some entertaining videos to attract people so you will get a good number of students.

8. Self-Defense Classes

Self Defense skill is an extremely necessary skill for everyone. These skills will be helpful for women and girls to protect themselves. 

Also learning Self Defence is a good exercise so it is another benefit that people will get.

You can learn these skills from any good institute and after a few days, you can start your Self Defense Classes in your city and earn good money.

9. Sports Coaching

Sport is an important part of our life. Sports are very useful for our physical as well as mental health. Many people make their careers in sports and some of these play a sport as exercise. 

You can start a Sports Coaching Center where you can teach people to play different sports. You can take a special batch only for children.

You can also hold sports competitions so people will enjoy it and your business will grow.

10. Competitive Exam Classes

The market for Competitive Exams Coaching is huge and many people are earning good money from this business

The biggest problem in this industry is that coaching centres are misleading their students and looting money from them by showing them false dreams.

You can create your own YouTube channel and you can teach them for free. You can earn money from youtube without charging students.

11. Start A Pre School

You can start a preschool where you can earn a lot of money by teaching children. 

There are many popular Pre-School franchises that you can take. The biggest advantage of taking a Pre-school Franchise is that you get a readymade business and guidance from the company.

Nowadays, preschool fees for a single child range from Rs 30,000 to Rs 1,50,000. So you can imagine how much money you can earn from this business.

12. Start a Day Care Center

Starting a Daycare centre is another good education business idea in India. You can make good money from this education business idea. Many people consider preschool and Day Care centres to be the same but they are not.

Preschool focuses primarily on the education of the children, where academic education is given to children, on the other hand, the focus of the daycare centre is mostly on taking care of the children, where the children play different games and live freely.

In both places, children are given education.

13. Start Your School

You can start your school. The population of India is very huge. India has the largest number of children and youth in its population.

There are thousands of students studying in every city but the quality of education is not good.

You can start a school where you can give the best quality education and you can also give them practical education so they can become successful in their life.

You can also give free education to children who cannot afford education.

Many people started with a tuition class, and today they have their school.

14. Start Your College

Similar to school, you can also start a college. Nowadays, college fees are in lakhs, and they are making multiple crores every single year. 

Many people started their colleges and made good money. You can start as a coaching centre, and eventually, you can also start your college

To make your college stand out, you can give different skill development courses to the students of your college, which will help them to get a good job.

Along with this, you can also give business-related courses to them, so if anyone wants to start a business, then it will become helpful for them

15. Chartered Accountant’s Classes (CA Classes)

The exam for chartered accountants is one of the toughest exams in India. Many students want to become Chartered Accountants (CA) but they are unable to do it.

To crack this exam they need a lot of guidance and coaching so you can start a CA coaching class and earn good money from it. 

16. Law Classes

You can start law classes because the law exams are also very tough, and students need guidance and good teaching.

Many law classes are earning good money by teaching different subjects of law. You can start this business from your home so this is one of the zero investment education business ideas in India. 

17. Science Classes

After 10th ( SSC ), many students take Science Faculty for further education. The study of science is very hard. Although teachers teach in colleges, the quality of education is not that good.

You can start tuition classes of Science Faculty and earn good money by teaching subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology to 11th and 12th students.

People are earning crores of rupees from these types of tuition classes in many cities.

18. Commerce Classes

You can start commerce classes and teach subjects like Account, Taxation, Costing, Economics. You can earn good money from commerce classes in India.

To make your class stand out, you can give practical education to the students along with academic studies such as you can teach them different accounting software, you can also give them practical business education and much more

19. Educational YouTube Channel

You can start an educational youtube channel and teach online. You can teach on any topic and earn good money.

You can teach academic studies or you can teach other things to people online through YouTube. 

Nowadays, people are learning different things online from platforms like YouTube. With a YouTube Channel, you can reach crores of people very easily.

Many people are earning crores of rupees by teaching on YouTube and you too can take advantage of this platform.

You do not need a big financial investment to start a YouTube Channel. You can do this business just by using your smartphone and internet connection.

20. Online Course Selling

You can create different online courses and sell them online. People are earning crores of rupees by selling online courses.

You must have seen many ads for such courses on the internet. You can create and sell courses on many topics such as Fitness, Academic Education, Business, Dance, Acting, Music, Time management, and much more

Creating and selling an online course is very easy and you can easily do that by using your smartphone and internet connection.

21. Computer Training Institute

Nowadays, the computer is used for work in almost every place, whether it is a private company, government office, or organization.

There is a huge demand for computer courses in the Indian market. You can start a computer training institute and earn good money.

You can give many courses in your centre like MS-CIT, Basic Computer, Tally, Programming Languages, Coding, and much more.

22. Typing Classes

You can start a Typing Institute and earn good money. You can teach people the typing skill and how to type faster.

The computer-related skills are needed in all places, whether it is a private job, government job, or business. Typing is one of the most important computer skills and many people want to learn it.

You can start a computer training institute and typing classes together. 

23. Start A Educational Blog

Blogging is becoming extremely popular in India. People are earning crores from their blogs.

If people are interested in reading or watching videos on a specific topic then you can start a blog on that topic.

Education is a very popular topic and many people are interested in this topic. Education does not mean only academic education but any type of education like farming, business, digital marketing, singing, music, and much more

You can start your blog with very little or almost no investment.

24. Make Your Own Learning App ( Online Learning App )

You can create an Educational App and start your Startup. You can make billions of dollars from this education business idea in India.

Nowadays it has become very easy to create an app and if you find it difficult then you can give some money to the app developer and he will create an app for you.

On that app, you can give academic and other skill-based courses to children and people.

You can also create a YouTube channel or blog and promote your app from it.

25. Start Skill Development Center

Everyone is understanding that skills are more important than a college degree. The government is also running many schemes to make people skilful. 

You can start Skill Development Center, where you can teach people different skills. It will become extremely beneficial to our country, and you can earn good money from it.

26. Foreign languages Coaching Centre ​​( Foreign Language Classes )

Nowadays, people want to learn different foreign languages like Japanese, German, French, and Chinese. 

After learning foreign languages, people are getting good jobs and they are also getting a chance to go abroad and work in big companies. 

Along with English-speaking classes, you can also teach foreign languages to people and earn good money from this educational business idea in India.

27. Software Courses Institute

Software courses are becoming extremely popular in India. Many people are doing these courses and getting high-salary jobs.

Nowadays, good skills are required to get a good job, and software skills have higher demand in the market.

Many software courses are popular in the market such as Data Testing, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.

You can start a software training institute where you can teach these software courses and earn good money from them.

28. Drawing Classes

You can start a drawing class in your city where you teach drawing to children and earn good money from it.

You can also start a youtube channel where you can upload your drawing videos and earn money from that channel. Many YouTube channels are uploading such videos and getting millions of views.

29. Mehndi & Rangoli Classes

Mehndi and Rangoli are very famous in India. There are many festivals, weddings, birthdays, and events in India. On such occasions, women and girls like to apply mehndi on their hands. 

In Indian culture, rangoli has huge importance and every woman draws rangoli in front of their home. Both skills are extremely popular in India and women and girls want to learn these skills.

You can start a class where you can teach mehndi and rangoli skills and earn good money from it. You can do it as a side business. You can also create videos and upload them on your youtube channel.

30. Public Speaking & Communication Skills Classes

Everyone should have communication skills because it is extremely useful in career and personal as well as social life.

People do not know how to communicate properly and because of this, they suffer a lot.

Many people do not get jobs due to poor communication skills, Poor communication also affects your relationships.

You can start a coaching centre where you can teach communication skills and public speaking skills and earn good money.

31. Personality Development Classes

Whether you are doing a job or a business, a good personality is always useful. A good personality is not only useful for a career but also very useful for personal and social life.

You can start a personality development coaching centre. You can also start a YouTube channel where you can upload your teaching videos. You can get benefits from both your coaching centre and YouTube channel.

Before starting this business, you first have to work on your personality because it is very important to grow your business and attract new customers. You can do a course for it or you can also learn online.

Other Education Business Ideas

32. Publish Your Books and E-books

Publishing books is a very profitable business and many people are earning crores of rupees from it. If you are thinking that publishing a book is a very hard and costly thing then you are wrong.

Nowadays, anyone can self-publish their book for free. 

You can publish your book free on Amazon Kindle. You just have to upload your book content and amazon will do the rest of the work. Amazon kindle will create e-books and paperback books and also deliver them to your customer.

33. Stationary Items & Books Selling

You can also sell stationary Items and books. You can do this as a side business and earn good money.

The world is changing, and online education is getting more and more popular but this change is not going to happen so soon. It will take time, and until then you can earn good money from this business.

You will find many stationary and book wholesalers in the market. You can buy these things from them and you can sell them at retail price.

34. School & College Bags Selling

You can sell school and college bags in your shop. There are thousands of students in every city in India. If only some of them bought bags from you, you will earn a lot of money.

Online education is the future but this change will take a lot of time, till then you can earn good money from this business. 

You can also sell travel bags along with school bags.

35. School Uniform Making Business

In every city, there are thousands of students. Uniform is very important for school and colleges. You can start a school uniform-making business and earn good money.

You can take bulk uniform-making contracts from schools and colleges and make lakhs of rupees.

There are at least 3 to 4 thousand students in the small city of India and even if only 1000 students bought uniforms from you, you can make huge money.

Conclusion –

Many of these education business ideas are zero investment business Ideas. These education business ideas are perfect to start in India. 

If you have any suggestions or other education business ideas in your mind you can tell me in the comment section.

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