41 Best Low Investment Business Ideas In Mumbai | 41 Small Business Ideas In Mumbai With Low Investment

Mumbai is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. There are many big opportunities for you in Mumbai. You can start many types of businesses in Mumbai. 

In this list of small business ideas in Mumbai, I have also given some special business ideas for Mumbai.

If you are looking to start a business in Mumbai then this post is going to be very useful for you.

You will also get some useful information about each business idea in this list of business ideas in Mumbai

So let’s get started – 

41 Small Business Ideas in Mumbai

1. Start A Mumbai Vlog

Mumbai is a huge city. Many people are interested in Mumbai. They want to know lots of things about Mumbai. You can start a Mumbai vlog. 

You can visit different places in Mumbai & shoot videos. In those videos, You can tell people about those different places. You can also make videos on food in Mumbai.

You can upload those videos on your youtube channel and Facebook page. 

Many people are doing this business successfully. Your success depends on your style of speaking and your personality. 

2. Acting Classes

Mumbai is the hometown of Bollywood. It is the main place to get work in the film & television industry.

Many people come to Mumbai to become an actor. People come to Mumbai with many dreams but this industry is extremely competitive.

If anyone wants to become successful in this world then their acting skills should be super good.

You can start acting classes in Mumbai. You can start this business with extremely low investment. To start this business in Mumbai, your acting skill should be extremely good.

3. Bollywood Dance Classes

You can also start Bollywood dance classes in Mumbai. Like I said before, many people want to become actors in Mumbai. Dancing is very useful to become successful in the film industry.

Many people want to learn dancing skills. So you can make good money from this business in Mumbai.

If you have good dancing skills then you can start this business in Mumbai.

4. Start A Grocery shop In Mumbai

Grocery shops are one of the most popular businesses in India. You can start a grocery shop in Mumbai.

The items in the grocery shop are necessary for everyone. Our life hugely depends on the products in the grocery shop. We all need these products.

This is a tried and tested business idea for Mumbai.

5. Become Ola/ Uber Partner

A huge number of people travel in Mumbai from one place to another. Taxi service is one of the most necessary services in Mumbai. If you want to reach your destination in time then you need a taxi service.

You can become Ola Partner or Uber Partner. These two cab companies are the biggest in India. 

Each taxi in their network is owned by common people. You can connect your car with these companies. If you don’t have a car then don’t worry, there are many ways to work with them.

You can get all the necessary information about Ola Partner Program by visiting partners.olacabs.com.

6. Mumbai Tour Operator

Many people come to Mumbai for a tour. They want to visit all the famous places in Mumbai. Mumbai is a big city and it is very hard to travel and visit all the places on your own.

You can start a small Mumbai tour operator business in Mumbai. You can sell a complete package of Mumbai tours.

People spend lots of money on travel & tours.

7. Start Yoga Classes In Mumbai

These days, people are becoming more aware of their health & fitness. It has become very hard to stay healthy without exercise.

Become a yoga trainer in Mumbai. The yoga business is very popular in India. You can also make good money from yoga classes.

Before starting this business, you should learn & practise yoga regularly. You have to become a yoga expert.

8. Printed T-Shirt Business

You can sell printed t-shirts in Mumbai. Nowadays, everyone likes to wear printed t-shirts.

People like to have a nice and catchy text or print on their t-shirts. You can start a printed t-shirt business in Mumbai. You can also sell other printed accessories.

You can also do this business online. You can sell your t-shirts on amazon or Flipkart. You can also create your e-commerce website to sell those printed t-shirts and accessories.

9. Event Management Business

Events happen everywhere. In big cities like Mumbai, people make events for everything. 

People spend big money on events like weddings, birthdays, house parties & corporate parties.

You can earn huge money from the event management business in Mumbai.

10. Healthy Street Food Business

Mumbaikar loves street food. Every day’s Mumbaikar go on the streets and eats street food. Many people survive only on street food.

But the biggest problem is that this street food is not always good for your health. People want to live healthily but they also want to eat those tasty street foods.

You can start a healthy street food business. You can sell some unique healthy dishes or recipes on the streets of Mumbai.

11. Zumba Classes

Zumba classes are becoming more and more popular in Indian cities. Indian women are giving good responses to those classes. Zumba is also considered a good exercise.

You can start a Zumba class in Mumbai. You can easily learn Zumba in Mumbai & then you can start your own Zumba class. This is one of the perfect small business ideas in Mumbai for ladies.

12. Room Rental Business

Home is extremely necessary for the survival of a human being. Many people come from other villages to Mumbai for a job, business or studies.

Purchasing a house in Mumbai is not an easy thing. Many people spend their whole life just purchasing a home in Mumbai.

You can start a room or house rental business in Mumbai. There is a huge demand for rooms and houses in Mumbai. You can rent your room, flat or house & make good money out of it.

13. Village Experience Park

People who spend their whole life in the city have a special attraction towards village life. They always wanted to experience village life.

You can start a village experience park in Mumbai. Where you can give all the village life experiences to those people.

You can charge a fixed amount of price for this experience. You can also attract foreign customers to your park so you can earn in dollars or pounds. 

14. Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing is the most important aspect of the business. Everyone wants to become successful in their business but no one can become successful in business without marketing.

These days, digital marketing has become extremely important for nearly every business.

You can learn digital marketing and then you can start your digital marketing agency in Mumbai.

You can learn digital marketing on our website bigmastery.com

We are going to teach everything about digital marketing on our website bigmastery.com

15. Become An Amazon Seller

People are making huge money by selling products on amazon. Most of the products on Amazon are not sold by amazon itself but sold by other people & businesses.

You can easily sell your products online on platforms like Amazon & Flipkart.

16. Security & Bouncer Services

Security is extremely important for everyone. You can start a security and bouncer service business in Mumbai.

You can provide services like a security guard, personal security guard, bouncer, bodyguard & much more.

There is a huge demand for this service in Mumbai. Protection is becoming more and more important in Mumbai.

17. Get A Franchise

You can get a franchise of a popular brand or company. A franchise business is also a very profitable business idea for Mumbai.

You have to invest some money to get a franchise. There are also some franchises that you can get at very low investments. 

Some brands are extremely popular so you will get their customers for free. It is a very good business idea

18. Homemade Food Business or Tiffin Service

Food is essential for our survival. You can start a homemade food business in Mumbai. You can do this business from home. One of the best business ideas in Mumbai from home.

Many people come to Mumbai from outside areas for jobs, business or education. They always need homemade food or a tiffin service.

You can provide this homemade food service. You can start this business in Mumbai with a very low investment.

19. Tuition Classes

You can start a tuition class in Mumbai. People are understanding the importance of education. Everyone wants to get a good quality of education. 

Schools and colleges are charging a big amount of fees but are not giving a good quality of education. You can start a tuition class in Mumbai.

For your kind information, Tuition classes are making crores of rupees from this business.

20. Beauty Parlor

You can start a beauty parlour in Mumbai. This is one of the best business ideas for ladies in Mumbai. Women’s spend lots of money on the beauty parlour every month & you can grab this opportunity.

You can also start an organic beauty parlour to add uniqueness to your business. You can find or learn some natural ways to look beautiful. You can also sell women’s cloth and accessories in your shop.

21. Alternative Therapies Center

Nowadays, everyone is facing health and fitness problems. People spend most of their time sitting & working on their pc or mobile.

Everyone is suffering from problems like back pain, neck pain, digestion problems & much more

You can start an alternative therapies centre & solve these big problems of this generation.

There are many types of alternative therapies that you can give like acupressure, aromatherapy, colour therapy, sujok and much more.

You can provide any one of these services in Mumbai.

22. House Cleaning Services

You can start a cleaning service business in Mumbai. Everyone likes to keep their home as clean as possible.

These days, everyone is busy with their job or business so they don’t get time to clean their sweet homes.

You can provide this cleaning service to them to make their life easier.

23. Labour Supplier

You can supply labour & workers to businesses and companies in Mumbai.

There are a huge number of businesses and companies in Mumbai so you will get lots of customers and clients.

You can also give employment to others from this business so it will also become very useful for our nation.

24. Organic Fruits & Vegetable Seller

The organic fruits & vegetable market has a very bright future. If you want to live a healthy life then you should switch to organic foods.

The biggest reason for today’s health problems is the food we are eating. 

People are using harmful fertilizers and pesticides to grow their fruits and vegetables.

Many farmers are switching to organic farming. You just have to become a fruits and vegetable seller. You can start this business in Mumbai with low investment.

25. Home Garden Service

Mumbai is a big city. There is a huge amount of pollution in Mumbai. 

Research shows that a normal person spends his/her time mostly indoors & the indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air.

There are some plants which can help you to reduce the pollution in your indoor area. These plants are recommended by NASA. 

You can start a home garden business in Mumbai. You can also give normal home garden services.

26. Graphic Design Services

Visuals are becoming extremely important in every field. Good visuals give good results.

Every field needs a graphic design service. It is useful in nearly every industry like business, politics, news, marketing, e-commerce, sales, education, healthcare.

You can easily start this business in Mumbai. You can also give this service online as a freelancer.

27. Sell Courses Online

Online course businesses are growing very fast in India. If you have a good knowledge of any topic then you can create your online video course. 

You can sell this course online using Facebook Ads, Google Ads & Digital Marketing.

28. Start A Small Hotel In Mumbai

You can start a small hotel in Mumbai. The hotel business is one of the most popular businesses in India. The demand and need for this business are going to increase day by day.

There is no need to start a big hotel. You can start a small hotel and start your business. You can also start an online hotel so you can start your business from home.

You can use online food delivery apps & services to sell and ship your food in Mumbai.

29. Start A Gift Store In Mumbai

You can start a gift store in Mumbai. You can sell unique and useful gifts in your shop.

The uniqueness and attractiveness of your gifts are very important to become successful in your business.

30. Give Online Services In Mumbai

Everything is becoming online. Everyone needs online services. Nearly, all government skims and services have gone online.

You can start a small shop and give services like exam form filling, licence registration services, bill payments, bank money withdrawal and many more.

31. Sell Imitation Jewellery

Nowadays, people or women prefer to wear imitation or artificial jewellery. Everyone wants to look good but not everyone can buy those costly gold and silver jewellery. 

You can start an imitation jewellery shop in Mumbai. You can easily find many wholesale suppliers for this business.

There is a huge demand for imitation jewellery in Mumbai.

32. Music Classes

Every day, a huge number of people come to Mumbai to become a singer. Many people want to work in Bollywood or the music industry.

You can start music classes in Mumbai. You can also start special classes like guitar classes, classical singing classes, drum classes and much more.

33. Healthy Juice Shop

These days, health is becoming more and more important. Everyone is becoming aware of their health. You can start a healthy juice centre in Mumbai. 

You can give different types of unique juices in your shop. You can also give vegetable juices so it will become more beneficial for your customers.

Before starting this business, get proper knowledge about fruits, vegetables & other foods.

34. Become An Author

If you have a good knowledge or interest in any topic then you can become an author. Nowadays, becoming an author is a very easy thing.

You can sell your book on the internet. You can also sell your book in ebook format. You can also make videos of your content. 

35. Give Rickshaw Service In Mumbai

Mumbai is a huge city. Everyone needs a rickshaw service in Mumbai. There is a huge demand for this type of service in big cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

You have a big opportunity in this business. You can purchase a second-hand Rickshaw or you can get a rickshaw on the rent.

You can earn good money from this business

36. Become a freelancer

You can become a freelancer in Mumbai. You can work online on freelancer websites or you can also get work offline in Mumbai.

You can get work online from websites like fiverr.com, upwork.com, toptal.com, peopleperhour.com.

To get work offline, you have to visit different offices and businesses. There are many businesses in Mumbai so you can get a huge amount of work & projects.

If you do their work at a good price then you can get lots of work.

37. Start Personality Development Classes In Mumbai

Personality is one of the most important factors to become successful in your professional and private life.

If you want to become a good leader then you should have a good personality. If you want to crack a job interview then you should have a good personality.

Your personality also affects your personal life so everyone should give importance to their personality development.

You can start personality development classes in Mumbai. Many people in Mumbai want to become an actor so your service will also become useful for them.

38. Men’s Hair Salon

Every man needs this service. You can start a men’s hair salon in Mumbai.

The men’s population in Mumbai is very huge so you will get a huge number of customers.

You can start with a single shop and then scale your salon business to thousands of shops across Mumbai. 

39. Automobile Repairing Services

The automobile industry is growing extremely fast in India. Services related to this industry are also growing at the same speed.

You can start a small automobile repairing centre in Mumbai. Nowadays, nearly everyone uses a motorcycle or a car so you will get a huge number of customers. 

40. Advertising Services In Mumbai

If anyone wants to grow their business then they have to do advertising. Advertising is a skill and not everyone is an expert in it.

You can give advertising services in Mumbai. There is a huge need for this service. Before starting this business, you should be good at advertising.

One of the best ways to learn and gain experience in advertising is to do advertising for your own advertising business.

41. Photography & Videography Services

Images and videos are two of the most popular content on the internet. Everyone likes to share photos on social media. You can give photography and videography services in Mumbai.

You can also sell your photos online on stock photo websites. You can give videography services to other people & businesses.

Conclusion: – 

You can start any business in Mumbai. If you have any questions then you can ask those questions in the comment section.

Share this post on your social media so everyone will benefit from it. 

Thank You.

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