29 Best Small Business Ideas In Konkan | 29 Business Opportunities In Konkan

Konkan is one of the most beautiful places and also a very good place for doing your own business. Nature has given thousands of gifts to Konkan and you can get benefit from it.

In this post, I have given the 29 best small business ideas in Konkan. Out of these 29 Business Ideas, 17 are agriculture business ideas in Konkan.

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List of Small Business Ideas In Konkan

1. Konkan Agro-Tourism

Konkan is full of nature & that’s why people come to Konkan to enjoy their vacations.  Farming in Konkan is also very unique. Nowadays Agri- tourism & medical tourism is becoming more and more popular in the world. You can use the specialities of Konkan for agri-tourism and earn huge money from it.

2. Become A Tourist Guide For Konkan

A huge number of Indians & foreigners come to Konkan every single month. People like to visit different tourist places of Konkan & hence there is a big business opportunity in Konkan for tourist guides. If you have good knowledge of Konkan then you can become a tourist guide in Konkan.

3. Tea & Breakfast Corner

Tea is the most popular drink in India. You can start a tea and breakfast corner in Konkan. You can give Konkani food in your breakfast corner so tourists will get the taste of your culture

4. Open A Grocery Store In Konkan

A grocery store is a very popular business and you can start this business almost anywhere in India. You can start a small grocery store in Konkan and earn good money.

5. Start A Transportation Service In Konkan

Konkan is a very unique place. Farming is also very unique in Konkan. There are many special fruits, vegetables and crops that farmers produce in Konkan which are always in high demand. Farmers need to transport this farm produce all over India & they need better transportation service.

6. Room and Food Service for Tourists

The tourism industry is growing extremely fast in Konkan. lakhs of tourists visit Konkan to enjoy the beauty of nature. These tourists need some services like room and food service. you can give them those services and earn good money from this business in Konkan.

7. Start A Unique Restaurant

You must have seen many unique restaurants on the Internet like a floating restaurant, Hotel in the forest, and an underwater hotel. People deliberately start such restaurants to attract customers. It is their unique marketing strategy.

Konkan is extremely rich with its natural resources like beaches, farming, and weather and you can use those things to make your unique restaurant or hotel.

8. Konkan Travel Agency 

You can start a travel agency for Konkan. Many tourists want to visit different tourist places in Konkan. You can give different packages to those people and earn good money from this business idea. Tourism-related businesses have a huge scope for business in Konkan.

9. Open A Beach Resort In Konkan

It is not a small business idea but if you can invest big money then you can open a beach resort in Konkan because millions of people visit Konkan to enjoy their vacations. You must have seen luxurious resorts in youtube videos. You can earn huge money from those resorts. 

10. Home Stay Service

Home stay service is different from hotels. In homestay service, tourist lives with normal people in their homes as a guest. They eat their regular food & they pay for this service.

Nowadays foreigners like homestay service more than a hotel.

You can create a separate room in your existing home & start this business. Just keep their rooms & toilet clean. You can also act as a tourist guide for these people.

11. Kokan Vlogging

Konkan is not just any random place it is extremely unique. I personally love Konkan. You can start a youtube channel where you can show the beauty of Konkan. You can also use this youtube channel for promoting your business. You can also charge others to promote their business on your youtube channel

12. Real Estate Business In Konkan

Many people want to settle in Konkan. They are looking for a good home or flat. You can work as a real estate agent or property developer. You can earn good money from this business.

Agriculture Business Ideas In Konkan

13. Rice Farming

Rice is one of the most popular crops in Konkan. if you have land in Konkan then you can start rice farming. You can export your rice all over the world and make huge money.

14. Fish Farming Business

Fish farming is also a very popular business in Konkan. You can start this as a side business and earn good money from it. There are many new fish farming techniques like Biofloc Fish farming is becoming popular. By using this method you can do fish farming in your home water tank.

There are many government schemes for fish farming & you can get benefit from it. You can also give fish farming Training to others and charge for it.

15. Aloe Vera Farming

Aloe vera is an extremely useful plant. You can start aloe vera farming in Konkan. You can also manufacture and sell aloe vera products.

16. Vermicompost Business

Vermicompost is another good agriculture business idea In Konkan. You can start this business with extremely low investment and earn a good profit from it. You only have to invest once and you can get benefits for many years.

17. Black Pepper Farming

Black pepper is also called Kali Miri in India. Black pepper is widely used for cooking & medicine. It is a very popular spice. You can start a black pepper farming business and you can export black pepper to foreign countries. If you plant black pepper once, you will get benefits for many years.

18. Hydrophonic Farming

Hydroponic farming is a new popular farming technique. Rainfall is very low in many parts of India. Growing crops is very difficult with conventional farming and hence hydroponic farming is becoming more and more popular. With this technology, you can farm with less water

19. Hydrophonic System Training

If you are good at hydroponic farming then you can conduct training sessions and charge a good amount of money for it. You can train Indian as well as foreign farmers & earn good money out of it. It is a good side business idea in Konkan.

20. Kokam Farming

You can start Kokum farming in your area. There are many health benefits of kokum. Kokum Juice is very popular in the world. You can also sell kokum-related products & create your own brand. You can also export kokum to foreign countries & earn more money.

21. Medicinal Plants Farming

The climate of Konkan is suitable for the cultivation of many types of medicinal plants. Most ayurvedic medicines are made from these medicinal plants. You can ask medicine manufacturers what type of plants you want & you can do the farming of these plants. You can directly sell those products to the manufacturers.

22. Pearl Farming

Pearn farming is another perfect business idea for the Kokan area. Many new farmers are doing pearl farming as a side business because it is giving them a good benefit.

23. Turmeric farming

Turmeric farming is a very profitable crop. You can start Turmeric farming in your area. Many people are using the vertical farming method to produce turmeric. With vertical farming, you can produce many times more in the same acre.

24. Mango Farming

Mangoes of Konkan are extremely famous all over the world. Alphonso mango ( Hapus ) is extremely tasty and it is the king of mangoes. The most important thing is that it mostly occurs in Konkan because the environment of Konkan is perfect for this mango. You can easily start Alphonso mango farming in Konkan. You can export these mangoes to other countries to multiply your income.

25. Cashew Nut Farming & Processing

Konkan is famous for cashew nuts. Cashew nut farming is a popular business in Konkan. You can either start cashew nut farming or a cashew nut processing plant in Konkan. You can also export cashew nuts to other countries. 

26. Java Plum Farming ( Jamun ) 

Java Plum has many names like Jamun, Jambu and Indian blackberry. There are tremendous health benefits of this fruit. There is high demand for this fruit all over the world. There are many people in Konkan doing this business and earning huge money. You can start Jamun farming and get the benefit of this demand.

27. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is also a very popular business idea in the villages of India. You can start a poultry farm in your village. It is a very easy agriculture business idea for Konkan. 

28. Honey bee Farming ( Beekeeping )

Honey is a widely used product. It is used in food as well as medicines. You can start a Beekeeping business in Konkan and earn good money. You can also create your honey brand. You can also export your honey to other countries to multiply your revenue.

29. Plant Nursery Business

If you have knowledge and internet in farming and agriculture then you can also start a Plant Nursery. India is an agricultural country. In Konkan, farming is one of the main businesses of local people. You can make good money from the plant nursery business. 


I have written these business ideas specially for Konkan but there are many more common businesses that you can do in Konkan. Read the below posts to know more business ideas for Konkan.

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1. Which business is most profitable in Konkan?

The tourism business is one of the most profitable businesses in Konkan because crores of people visit Konkan to enjoy the beauty of nature. You can make huge money from tourism-related business ideas in Konkan. Farming is one of the most profitable businesses in Konkan.

2. Which business is most profitable in Maharashtra?

There are many businesses which are extremely profitable in Maharashtra such as Textile Businesses, Hotel Businesses, and Pharmaceutical Businesses. It is not just about the business ideas but the execution which makes a difference.

3. What business can you start for cheap?

You can start service-related businesses for cheap because you will not need much investment and resources to start these businesses.

4. Which is the best business to start in future?

There are many businesses which are extremely good for the future like Artificial intelligence, robot manufacturing, and blockchain-related business but I think health-related businesses will be in most demand in future.

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