51 Best Low Investment Business Ideas for Delhi | 51 Small Business Ideas In Delhi For [100% Profit Making]

Delhi is the capital of India. There are many types of businesses that you can start in Delhi.

I have also given some special business ideas that will work extremely well in Delhi.

In this post, you will get the 51 best small business ideas for Delhi. 

These business ideas will also work outside Delhi.

If you want to start a business in Delhi then this post is very useful for you. So read this post completely.

I also have given some useful information about each of these business ideas so this post will become more useful for you.

After reading this post, you will also understand how these business ideas are perfect for Delhi.

So let’s get started –

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51 Best Small Business Ideas for Delhi

1. Delhi Vlog

Delhi is one of the biggest cities in India. You can start a Delhi Vlog.

In this Delhi Vlog, you can travel and show all the tourist places of Delhi, Vegetarian Food In Delhi, the History of different places in Delhi and lots of other things.

You can also show your lifestyle in this Vlog as a Delhi person. You have to upload these videos on platforms like Youtube and Facebook.

The success of your youtube channel or Facebook page depends on your personality. It is not just about ‘showing Delhi’ but ‘ how you show ?’ is more important.

You can make your videos entertaining and humorous to attract and engage more people.

Your blog will be seen not just by Delhi people but also will be seen by other people who are interested in visiting Delhi.

You can start a youtube channel and a Facebook page, where you can publish your videos. There are many, such types of channels on youtube & they are earning good money from this business. 

2. Street Food Business

Street food vendors make huge money in the cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

You may have seen many street food businesses that are making lakhs of rupees per month in Delhi.

The street food business looks small but makes huge money.

You can sell many types of traditional or famous food dishes in your shop.

To make some innovations in your street food business, you can learn famous food recipes from different areas & different states of India & you can give those food recipes in Delhi.

You can also use some unique-looking dishes and some unique tools & equipment so it will feel unique. You also have to make your food super healthy so it will become more useful for your customers.

You can make good money from the street food business in Delhi.

3. Sell Products Online

Delhi is a big wholesale market. You will get many things wholesale in Delhi. 

It is a very big opportunity for people who live in Delhi or near Delhi. You can easily sell those things online on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart or eBay.

Amazon India has launched a new seller program for people who live in India. Most of the people who sell products online have a big problem with sourcing products.

They do not have perfect wholesale suppliers but the people who live in Delhi have this big opportunity.

You have many options for wholesale suppliers & you can easily get many wholesale suppliers for the products you want to sell online.

In Delhi, there are wholesale suppliers for nearly every product so you can sell those products online and make a good income from that.

4. Website & App Developer

Those days every business or organization needs a website or app to grow their business.

These days, every business or organization should have an online presence. A website or app is very useful for business. To generate leads, Sales or create a brand, a website is needed.

Many businesses are totally dependent on websites or apps. So you have a huge opportunity. You can learn website development or app development & then give this service to other businesses & organizations. 

5. Tax Consultant or Chartered Accountant

You can also make good money as a tax consultant in Delhi. Delhi is one of the biggest cities in India. There are many businesses in Delhi.

Every business needs a tax consultant and a Chartered Accountant. You will get many customers in Delhi. One of the main benefits of this business is that you will get repeat customers. 

There are also many government employees and corporate employees in Delhi who need this service.

You can easily get all the necessary education required for this business.

You can become a chartered accountant or a tax consultant. Both businesses are profitable. You can also give both services.

6. Delhi Tour Organizer

Many people visit Delhi to see the different locations and tourist places in Delhi. There are many tourist places in Delhi so it becomes very hard to visit all of those places. 

Travellers and tourists also need a tourist guide. They also need guidance in the things like accommodation, food, and opening and closing time of tourist places.

There are many things in which they need help. You can become a Delhi tour organizer. You can give a complete package to those travellers which include everything needed for a successful tour.

You can charge a fixed amount for this service.

7. Photography & Videography

Photography and videography are also booming industries. Those days videos have become extremely important. You can start a photography and videography business.

You will get to work at weddings, birthdays, corporate events & many other events. You can also sell your photos and videos online on stock photo websites.

You will get many customers in Delhi. 

You can also start a youtube channel where you can teach photography and videography. Many people are looking to start a youtube channel so your youtube videos will become very helpful for them. 

Billions of people use Facebook and Instagram & images and videos are the most popular content on these platforms.

8. Selling Old Things Digitally

You can sell old things digitally like old bikes, old cars, old tv, old household tools and appliances.

You can earn a very good commission in this business. You can sell those products at any price. You will get a good margin in this business.

You can do this business as a side business or a main business. 

There are many people in Delhi, who want to sell their old products & there are also many people, who want to purchase those old products. 

9. Sell Properties Digitally

You can sell properties like land, house, and flat digitally. You can work as a real estate agent. 

It is very easy to sell those properties digitally. There are many websites on the internet, where you can sell those properties.

Delhi is a developed city. There are many properties in Delhi which need to be sold. Property developers are unable to sell those properties but you can sell those properties digitally & earn a commission over it.

Properties are expensive. So your commission will be bigger. You can earn good money from this business.

10. Create & Sell Courses Online

Those days, people are interested in learning online. There are courses on everything. If you are good at something then you can create and sell an online course. 

You can create courses on many things like public speaking, communication skills, digital marketing, academic courses, dance courses & many more.

You can also create a Facebook page or youtube channel to market your courses. You can also use Facebook ads, youtube ads to sell your courses over the internet.

11. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most famous ways to make money on the internet.

In affiliate marketing, when you sell products and services of other companies then you will get a commission.

There are so many big companies that provide affiliate programs. You can work with companies like amazon, Flipkart, Hostinger, site ground.

You just have to sign up for their program and then you will get an affiliate link. When someone purchases from this link then you get a commission.

12. Social Media Marketing Agency

You can start a social media marketing agency in Delhi. There are many businesses in Delhi that want to do social media marketing. You can give them this service.

Billions of people are using social media. You have a huge opportunity in this business.

You can also provide other digital marketing services with this one.

13. Printed T-shirt Business

You can start a printed t-shirt business. Nowadays, people like to wear a t-shirt with a cool print on it.

You can start a print-on-demand business. You can also sell those printed t-shirts online on marketplaces like amazon and Flipkart.

You can also create your own e-commerce store & sell those printed t-shirts.

14. Food Truck

You can start your own food truck in Delhi. Delhi is a big city and you can make good money from a food truck business. 

This type of business is new in India. There is very less competition for this business compared to the hotel business.

You should select some best food dishes before starting this business. There is no need to sell lots of food dishes on your food truck. Only two to three food dishes are sufficient for your business.

This is one of the best business ideas in Delhi so you can also take advantage of this business idea.

15. Paying Guest Services

Everyone needs a home. There are many people in Delhi who do not have their homes. Many people come from small villages and other cities to Delhi for jobs or studies.

You can rent your room or start a paying guest service and make a passive and regular income from this business.

This is one of the perfect business ideas for Delhi. Paying guest business works extremely well in cities like Delhi.

16. Car Cleaning & Detailing Business

This business looks small but you can really make huge money from this business. 

There are lakhs of cars and car owners in Delhi & everyone likes to keep their car as clean as possible.

You can start a car cleaning and detailing business. This is one of the best low-investment and high-profit business ideas in Delhi.

17. Shops Cleaning

You can start a shop cleaning business in Delhi. People are already doing this type of business and making huge money from it.

You can provide cleaning services to shops in Delhi. You can start this business at an extremely low investment.

18. Corporate Cleaning

Similar to a shop cleaning business you can also start a corporate cleaning business.

You can start from small manufacturing plants and small companies & then scale your business to big corporates in Delhi.

You can make lots of money from the corporate cleaning business.

19. House cleaning

You can also start a house cleaning business. Many people are doing this business successfully.

This is one of the best business ideas in Delhi with low investment. There are a huge number of houses in Delhi. Everyone likes to keep their home clean.

You can provide a house cleaning service in Delhi. You have to target the right customer to become successful in this business. This is an extremely profitable business idea in Delhi.

20. Event Management

These days, Every small thing becomes an event. India is a country of events.

You can start an event management business. You can give different related services of event management like a wedding hall, decoration, music service, catering service and much more.

People spend lots of money in the events so you can also make huge money from the event management business.

21. Organic Fruits & Vegetable Seller

80% to 90% of our health is dependent on the food that we eat. Nowadays, we are eating food that is full of chemicals.

The biggest reason for today’s health problems is the food that we are eating. The best solution for this problem is organic food. 

The organic fruits and vegetable market has a very bright future. You can become an organic fruits and vegetable seller.

22. Provide Home Garden Service

Delhi is an extremely polluted city. This pollution is extremely dangerous for the health.

Research shows that we spend almost 90% of our time indoors. We spend our time in places like homes, offices & companies.

Most people think that pollution is only on the outside or outdoors but that is not the case, our indoor locations are also extremely polluted.

Research also shows that some home plants can reduce indoor pollution. You have to make people aware of it. You can provide home garden services in Delhi. You study this research and start this business.

Your service will become extremely useful for the people who live in Delhi.

23. Alternative Therapies Centre

These days, everyone is facing health issues like back problems, digestion issues, and acidity problems. You can start an alternative therapy centre in Delhi.

Nowadays, people spend all their time sitting & hence they suffer many health issues like back pain, obesity, digestion problems, headache, neck pain and many more.

Alternative therapies are a very good solution for many health problems.

Acupressure, Color Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Naturopathy, and Sujok are some famous alternative therapies in India.

You can take the necessary education and experience and then start this business in Delhi.

24. Become A Mobile & Smartphone Doctor

You can start a mobile repairing service. Everyone is using a mobile or a smartphone.

Every new day, the number of mobile users is increasing. Businesses related to mobile and smartphones are also growing very fast.

You can start a mobile repair shop in Delhi and make good money out of it.

25. Niche YouTube Channel

You can start a youtube channel. More than 200 crore people are using youtube worldwide.

If you have the knowledge and the internet on the specific topic then you can start a youtube channel on that topic. You can start a youtube channel on nearly any topic.

Videos are the most popular type of content on the internet. You can make good money from this business. In the beginning, you can start a youtube channel part-time.

26. Start A Gift Store

You can start a gift store in Delhi. At every event, people give gifts to each other.

You can sell unique gifts in your shop. Uniqueness is extremely important to become successful in your business.

There are many types of gifts that you can sell in your gift store. You can also sell corporate gifts in your shop.

27. Become Ola / Uber Partner

Ola and uber are one of the biggest cab companies in the world. These companies are making huge money in the cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai.

The biggest thing about these companies is that these companies do not own a single taxi. All the taxis in these companies are owned by normal people.

You can also connect your car with these companies. If you don’t have a car then there are many other ways to make money with the companies. 

These cab companies have a big customer base all over India.

28. Deliver Amazon/ Flipkart Products

You can become an amazon and Flipkart delivery partner. There are a huge number of people who place orders on e-commerce platforms like amazon and Flipkart.

Shipping and delivery are extremely important for every e-commerce company.

These companies are always trying to increase the speed and quality of delivery.

You have a big opportunity in this business.

29. Software Development 

You can become a software developer. You can do this business with a website development business. 

Nowadays, everyone is using technology to make their life and work easier. You have a big opportunity in technology-based businesses.

You can create & sell much software like billing software, and customer management software. You can develop customized software for other businesses.

You can do website development & software development business together.

30. DTP & Graphic Design Service

You can start a DTP & Graphic Design Service in Delhi. Visuals have become extremely important in today’s time.

In almost every sector visuals are useful. You can provide services like logo design, banner design, advertising designing, product package design, event design and much more.

You have a huge opportunity in this business. You can also provide this service online the internet because nearly every online business needs a graphic design service.

31. Wedding Planner

There are around 1 crore marriages that happen in India every year. You have a big opportunity in this business.

You can become a wedding planner in Delhi. You can also provide related services like catering services, wedding hall, music services service and many more.

You can start with small marriages and eventually you can scale your business & you can also provide your services to bigger and royal marriages in Delhi & all over India.

32. Micro Niche Blogging

Blogging is one of the most famous ways to make money online. You can start a micro niche blog.

There are many ways to make money from blogging. If you have knowledge and interest on any topic then you can start a blog on that topic.

You should understand one important thing, you should start a micro niche blog, you have to start a blog on a specific topic. In this business, you can work from home and earn good money.

33. Ladies Beauty Parlor

You can start a lady’s beauty parlour. It is a very popular business. Many women are running this business very successfully. 

You can start an organic beauty parlour to add uniqueness to your business. You give some natural beauty services to look good naturally.

34. Men’s Hair Salon

It is an extremely important service for every man. You can start a Men’s Hair Salon business in Delhi.

Every man needs this service. You can start from a single shop and then scale to the hundreds of shops across Delhi. You can add some uniqueness to your business.

This business has a huge market. You can earn lots of money from the salon business.

You can start this business with an extremely low investment.

35. Interior Designing 

You can start an interior designing business in Delhi. Everyone likes to make their home or office unique. People spend huge amounts of money on the interior of their homes or office.

You have a big opportunity in this sector.

You take the required education and experience and start this business. You can start this business with a very low investment.

36. Security Services

Security is becoming more and more important. Everyone needs security. Every business and organization needs security services.

You can supply security guards to businesses and organizations. 

You can supply security guards to hospitals, malls, companies, schools, and colleges. This service has a very big market. You can earn huge money from the ‘security services business.

37. Nursing Services

This is an era of health problems. People are visiting hospitals more than ever.

You can provide nursing services. You can supply nurses to hospitals.

You can give employment to lots of people from this business. You can earn good money from this business.

38. Zumba Classes

Zumba Classes are making good money in the cities. You can start Zumba classes in Delhi. There is a big market for business. Lots of women and girls are joining these classes.

If you are a woman then you can learn Zumba and start this business.

You can easily start this business from your home. This is a very low investment business idea for Delhi.

39. Start Hobby Classes

Hobby classes are also doing very good in big cities. You can start hobby classes like drawing, painting, dance, and music.

Observe your surroundings and you will find there are many types of hobby classes that you can start.

You can start this business from your home. 

40. Become a Yoga Trainer

The biggest problem in the world is health problems. Everyone is facing health and fitness issues.

Our lifestyle is changed. People spend all of their days just sitting in one place. 

These days, yoga has become extremely important. You can easily start your yoga centre business.

The yoga training centre is a perfect business idea for Delhi. You can start this business from your home and with a low investment. 

41. Small Garage

You can start a small garage in Delhi. Everyone is using vehicles. Automobile marketing is growing very fast in India. Businesses related to the automobile industry are also growing.

You just have to take the required education and experience to start this business.

You can easily start your small garage with a very low investment.

42. Sell Imitation Jewellery

Nowadays,  people like to wear imitation or artificial jewellery. There are many benefits of this jewellery over gold and silver jewellery. 

People can purchase this jewellery at a very low price, it is safer than gold jewellery. 

You can start an imitation jewellery shop in Delhi. Women are always interested in buying jewellery. You will get a huge number of customers.

You can also sell imitation jewellery on e-commerce platforms like amazon, Flipkart or eBay. You can also create your own e-commerce website to sell that jewellery.

43. Small Hotel

You can start a small hotel in Delhi. There is no need to sell thousands of food dishes or food recipes in your hotel.

You can just sell one or two best food dishes and make huge money from this hotel business.

The need for a hotel is never going to end. This business has a very bright future. You just have to give healthy and tasty food in your hotel.

44. Village Experience Park

People who live in cities like Delhi and Mumbai are always interested in village life.

You can start a village experience park. Where you can give them a complete package of a village experience.

If you have a farm or land near Delhi then you can start this business and make good money from it.

45. Electronic Appliances Retail Shop

Nowadays, everyone needs electronic appliances. People can’t imagine their life without those electronic appliances.

You can start an electronic appliance retail shop.

You can sell different types of electronic appliances in your shop. You can make huge money from this business.

46. Electronic Appliances Repairing

Delhi is a huge city & a huge number of people are living in Delhi. Everyone uses electronic appliances in their home or office. 

Nowadays, people can’t imagine their life without those electronic appliances. 

You can start an electronic appliance repair business. You can make good money from this business.

47. Courier Service Business

Courier service is an extremely important service. You can start a courier service in Delhi. 

There are many businesses in Delhi, that need courier services. Everyone needs this service. 

You can take a small shop on the rent and start this business. You can give this service, especially in Delhi.  You can also give this service from Delhi to the cities and villages near Delhi.

48. Women’s / Girls Self Defence Classes

In cities like Delhi & Mumbai, there is a huge issue of women’s & girls’ security. You can start a women & girls self-defence class. 

You can teach them different methods and techniques as well as you can give them different types of training.

You also have to give them practical training. This is an extremely useful business for Delhi. 

49. Auto Rickshaw Service

You can provide a Rickshaw service in Delhi. 

Delhi is a big city. Every day lakhs of people need this taxi service. You can make good money from the auto-rickshaw service. 

You can buy a second-hand auto rickshaw or you can also get an auto-rickshaw for rent.

This is a good business for a beginner. You can make good money from this business.

50. Homemade Food Service

In cities like Delhi & Mumbai, people come from outside these cities for jobs or education. 

Everyone needs good food. You can start a homemade food service business. 

You can provide healthy homemade food service. You can start this business from your home.

51. Start A Freelancer Business

Companies are interested in working with freelancers. As a freelancer, you can do different types of work like website development, data entry, copyrighting and much more.

Freelancers are those peoples who work separately or independently. They are not employees of the company.

When a company hires employees then the company needs to spend lots of money on these employees but when they work with freelancers then they pay freelancers according to their work.

This is useful for both freelancers and companies.

You can get work online or offline. To get work online you can visit websites like upwork.com, fiver.com, and peopleperhour.com. There are many freelancer websites available on the internet.


I hope this list of business ideas in Delhi will become useful for you. Let me know which business idea you like the most.

If you have any questions about business, marketing, or wealth creation then feel free to ask your question in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which business is most profitable in Delhi?

Ans – There are many profitable business ideas in Delhi. It depends on you. Many times we only see the profit but not the investment needed to make that profit. You can make any small business idea profitable. So it is not the business ideas but it is you that make a business idea profitable. If you want the list of profitable business ideas in Delhi then you can read the above post.

2. Can I Start a Business In 10k?

Ans – Yes, Definitely. You can start many businesses in the 10k. In the above list of small business ideas in Delhi, you will get many businesses that you can start for under 10k. 

3. Best Manufacturing business ideas in Delhi?

Ans – As I said before. There is no best business idea in the world. You can manufacture those products and services which should be sold easily around Delhi. These types of manufacturing business ideas will be good in Delhi. Ex- Organic Foods Making Business will work well in Delhi. First, you have to research the Delhi market and have to find the need in this market.
Then you can easily find the best manufacturing business ideas in Delhi

4. Best Business Ideas In Delhi After Lockdown?

Ans – Online businesses will work better after Lockdown. Youtube, Blogging, Online Selling, Online Education, Health-related business, Fitness related business, organic food, organic fruits and vegetable business are some businesses that will work well after lockdown.

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