21 Best Business Ideas In Jalna [ High-Profit ] | 21 Best Business Opportunities In Jalna

If you are living in Jalna and want to start a business then read this complete post. 

In this post, I have given 21 Business Ideas In Jalna. I have given these business ideas based on the resources available in Jalna. 

These business ideas are suitable for Both Jalna city and Jalna district

List of Business Ideas In Jalna

1. Seed Processing Unit

There are already some good seed processing companies in Jalna District. Jalna is very famous for its seed processing units.

Seed processing involves processes such as cleaning, drying, size grading, quality checking, packing, and labelling

If you can invest a good amount of money then you can think about this business idea in Jalana.

2. Cotton Ginning & Spinning

A big amount of cotton is produced in Jalna. More than 58% of the state’s cotton is produced in Jalna and hence there are many business opportunities for you in this sector.

Cotton ginning involves the process of removing seeds from cotton balls. Then the process

of changing cotton fibre to yarn is called spinning.

Starting a Cotton Ginning and Spinning Mill can be one of your best business idea in Jalna.

3. Start Horticulture  

There is a big business opportunity in horticulture. If you have farmland then you can start horticulture in Jalna. 

You can grow fruit plants such as Mango, Chiku, Pomegranate, Mosambi, ber, Guava, and lime.

4. Poultry Farming

There is a great demand for chicken and eggs in India & hence poultry farming is another good side business idea for farmers in Jalna.

You can grow different types of chicken breeds on your farmland. You can also raise chickens naturally so you will get a competitive advantage.

5. Home-Made Ghee Selling

If you are doing a dairy business then you can also start a homemade ghee-selling business in Jalna.

Nowadays, people want everything readymade and it’s an opportunity for you. You can create your ghee brand in future.

6. Fly ash Bricks Making

Fly ash is an industrial waste which comes out of thermal power stations. Bricks can also be made from this fly ash.

There is a thermal power station near Jalna and a huge quantity of fly ash comes out of it. 

You can start a fly ash bricks manufacturing plant in Jalna and make good money from this business.

7. Solar Cell Manufacturing

There is a great demand for solar cells all over the world. The biggest reason for this demand is the shortage of electricity.

If you have a proper understanding of this market and the capacity to invest money then you can think about this business idea.

8. Bio-coal Briquettes Making From Cotton Steam

As I said, A large quality of cotton is grown in Jalna. Due to this cotton steam is available in very large quantities in Jalna. 

You can start a business where you can manufacture Bio- coal briquettes from cotton steam and earn good money from them.

Briquette is a block of compressed combustible material such as charcoal or coal dust. It is used as fuel.

9 Cold Storage Services

In Jalna, There are many people who are involved in farming and horticulture.

Most of the items that get produced on farms are perishable and it’s a business opportunity for you

There is a big demand for cold storage services in Jalna. You can start cold storage business in Jalna and fulfil this demand.

10. Wedding Photography

In India, people spend lakhs of rupees on weddings. There are dozens of different services that are needed in Indian weddings and photography is one of them.

You can do a small photography course and start a wedding photography business in Jalna. You can make good money from this business.

11. Starch Manufacturing From Jowar

In Jalna, Jawar is produced in large quantities so there are many related businesses that you can do. 

Starch is used in many industries such as food, textile, and pharma. You can start a manufacturing plant where you can manufacture starch from Jowar. 

12. Open A Juice shop

In Jalna, A big number of farmers are involved in horticulture.

Mango, mosambi, pomegranate, ber, guava, lime, chikku, and custard apple are some of the popular fruits that farmers cultivate in Jalna.

You can purchase a juice maker and start your juice shop in Jalna. Everyone likes fruit juice hence you will get plenty of customers.

13. Mushroom Processing

Mushroom is becoming very popular in cities. There are many different recipes that people make from mushrooms. 

There is also a big demand from hotels for mushrooms. You can start mushroom cultivation in a very small area. 

14. Chilli Powder Making

Chilli is one of the most important ingredients of almost every food dish.

Nowadays, people want everything readymade and hence people buy readymade chilli power packets from the market.

It is very easy to start this business but you have to focus more on marketing and advertising to get customers. 

15. Industrial Alcohol from Jawar

In Jalna, jawar is produced in large quantities. Many Jawar-related businesses that you can start in Jalna such as Industrial Alcohol Manufacturing from Jawar.

Industrial alcohol is used in many industries and products such as cosmetics, cleaners, fuels, pharmaceuticals, and textiles. 

16. Start A No Maida Bakery

Bakery products are eaten everywhere in the world. There is a high demand for bakery products such as cookies, cakes, rolls, bread, and muffins. 

There are many bakeries in India but you can start a No maida product bakery.

You have to create these bakery products without using maida. This way you will get a competitive advantage over your competitors. 

17. Academic Coaching Classes

If you want to start a Zero Investment Business then you can definitely think about this business. 

You can start coaching classes from your home. You can teach 5th to 10th standard students or you can also teach 11th and 12th students. 

18. Hair Saloon

Hair salon services are some of the most required services everywhere. Prices of hair salon services are increasing day by day and salon owners are making good money from it.

You can do a small hair salon course and start a salon in a crowded area of your city. 

You can get a rental shop and also try setting up your shop in residential areas.

19. Content Writing Service

There are crores of bloggers in the world. When a blogger starts making good money then they hire content writers to write blog posts.

If you have knowledge and interest in any topic then you can start content writing on that topic. 

20. Become A Video Editor

There are a big number of video creators on the internet. They earn huge money from this business.

These people create videos for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and many other short video platforms. 

When these creators start making good money then they hire video editors. You can contact these people and get video editing work. You can make good money from this business.

21. Agriculture Transportation Business

A big number of people are involved in agriculture in Jalna. There is a big need for transportation services in agriculture. 

You can earn huge money from the transportation business in Jalna. 

Conclusion – 

If you are interested in starting a business in Jalna then you can definitely think about these business ideas. 

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