14 Profitable Business Ideas For Diwali | 14 Diwali Business Ideas

Diwali is the biggest festival in India and many people make huge money in this season. In this post, I will give you 14 Business Ideas For Diwali Festival. You can earn money for a whole year from these Diwali Business Ideas.

Business Ideas for diwali

List of 14 Most Profitable Business Ideas For Diwali

These are all low-investment business ideas for Diwali so you can start your business with a minimum investment of money.

1. Diwali Snacks & Sweets Business

Diwali cannot be celebrated without snacks and sweets. You can start a business where you can make and sell healthy snacks and sweets. There are many people selling snacks and sweets in the market but they are not healthy but you can do that and make good money from it.

You can sell healthy snacks and sweets like sesame laddoos, dry fruit laddoos, and snacks that are not fried.

You can learn the recipe for healthy snacks and sweets on YouTube and Google. Everyone wants to eat Diwali snacks but not all people can make them and that is why such people buy Diwali Snacks from the market.

People buy Diwali snacks at Rs 300, 400, 450, 500 and 1000 per kg and if you sell healthy snacks then you can charge more money.

You can earn a lot of money from this business idea during Diwali Season.

2. Akash Kandil Selling Business

During the Diwali festival, many people earn huge money by selling Akash Kandil. You can also start this business very easily. You can buy Aakash Kandil From a Wholesaler and then sell them in a stall or in your existing shop. 

Akash Kandils are very expensive during Diwali Season. People buy Akash Kandils at the rate of Rs.200 to Rs.2000. Depending on the city or area in which you are selling them, you can keep cheap or expensive Akash Kandils at your shop or stall to sell.

3. Soil Lamp Making & Selling Business

Diwali is the festival of lights. During Diwali, Soil Lamps ( Mitti Ke Diye ) are lit outside every house. This festival seems incomplete without these Soil Lamps.

You can start a business of making & selling soil lamps during the Diwali Season. You can earn good money by selling attractive Soil Lamps of different sizes & colours during this period.

You can sell eco-friendly lamps at competitive prices so they will be useful to protect nature. 

You can start this business with very little investment and earn good money.

4. Decorative Items Selling

During Diwali, people decorate their homes, apartments and courtyards and also do decorative lighting. Many different items are used for decoration and people buy them in large quantities during this season.

You can start a business where you can sell decoration items like Rangoli & Toran. You can sell them by setting up a stall or you can also sell them in your existing shop.

This is a very good Diwali Business Idea. 

5. Sell flowers and Flower Garlands ( Maala )

Flowers have great importance in Indian Festivals. During this time many people earn very good money by selling flowers and flower 

The prices of flowers are also very high during Diwali. You can start a business where you can sell different flowers as well as flower garlands ( Maala ). You can buy flowers from farmers.

6. Clothes Selling Business

People like to buy new clothes on the occasion of Diwali. Children, men, and women nearly everyone wants to wear new clothes on the occasion of Diwali.

Many people earn lakhs of rupees by selling clothes during Diwali. This is a very good business idea for Diwali Season.

You can buy clothes from the wholesaler at a cheap price and sell them in your stall or shop.

You don’t need to sell all kinds of clothes, you can only sell women’s sarees, or only dresses, or only men’s shirts.

7. Women’s Jewellery & Accessories Selling

Indian women like to buy & wear jewellery and other accessories during festivals. You can buy artificial jewellery from a wholesaler and sell it in your city.

You can sell different unique and beautiful jewellery at your stall or shop. Artificial jewellery is extremely cheaper so this is a good low investment business idea for Diwali.

8. House cleaning work on Diwali

In India, People clean their houses during the festival, especially during the Diwali festival.  But nowadays, not everyone has time to clean their homes.

Many people earn lakhs of rupees by doing house cleaning business and you too can start this business.

You do not need to make any big investments to start this business because you only need some house cleaning tools to start this business. 

9. Gifts Selling Business

In India, people give gifts to each other on the occasion of Diwali and after Diwali, there are also some festivals on which a brother gives gifts to his sisters.

Many people earn a lot of money by selling gifts during Diwali Season. 

You can start a gift-selling business and sell attractive gifts in your stall or shop. This is a very good business idea for Diwali Festival.

10. Selling Things Needed For Worship

Nowadays, people use readymade items for worship ( Pooja ). If you start collecting all the items need for worship by yourself then it is a little difficult, that’s why people buy readymade pooja samagri in large quantities.

You can sell readymade pooja samagri to people during Diwali Festival. People get all the Pooja samagri in one place, so it becomes beneficial for them. 

11. Idol Making & Selling Business

People buy idols of Goddess Lakshmi for worship on Diwali.

You can start a business where you can manufacture and sell or just sell those idols in your stall or in the existing shop.

Idols are in great demand during Diwali Festival.

12. Give Decoration Service

On the occasion of Diwali, people decorate their homes and apartments. Nowadays people don’t have time for decoration so they get decoration done by others.

So there is a good opportunity for you because you can start a business and give home decoration service to them.

This is a good low investment business idea for Diwali and you can earn good money from it.

13. Mehndi Service

In India, Girls & women apply mehndi on their hands at different festivals. Applying good mehndi is an art and not everyone has it. 

You can give mehndi service where you can apply mehndi on the hands of women and girls and earn good money from it.

This is a good business which you can do for the whole year.

14. Rangoli Service

In India, women draw rangoli in the courtyard of their homes. Nowadays people like to make a big Rangoli in front of their houses and apartments on special occasions.

Drawing a good rangoli is an art and not everyone has it and that is why people appoint others to make Rangoli in front of their homes or apartments. Many people spend thousands of rupees on it.

You can also earn good money by making Rangoli in people’s courtyards during Diwali.


If you want to make good money by doing seasonal business on Diwali, then you have to start preparing for the business a few months before Diwali. There are many of these businesses that you can do throughout the year.

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