Top 71 Low Investment Business Ideas In Pune [100% Profitable] | 71 Best Small Business Opportunites In Pune

Pune is one of the biggest industrial hubs in India & the educational capital of Maharashtra.

Pune is a hugely developed city in India and hence there are many new business opportunities in Pune that you should know

If you want to start a small business in Pune then this post is made for you. 

In this post, I have given 71 New Business Ideas In Pune With Low Investment. 

So let’s get started –

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List of Low Investment Business Ideas In Pune

1. Start A Pune Vlog

If you are living in Pune then you can start a Pune vlog & earn good money from it. Pune is extremely rich in culture and has many tourist attractions.

You have to visit different places in Pune and make videos about them. You can start a youtube channel and upload your videos to earn money from it.

2. Website Development & Design Service

Nowadays every business needs to have its website. Pune is a centre of many big industries and many small and medium businesses, so you have a big business opportunity in Pune.

You can learn basic website development from youtube and google for free and start your website development business in Pune. 

3. Start A Vadapav Stall

There are many food business opportunities in Pune such as the vada-pav stall business.

Vadapav is the most famous street food in almost every city of Maharashtra. You can start your vada pav stall in under 10,000 rs in Pune. 

You can learn vada pav making skills on youtube or you can also work in a vada pav shop to get some experience before starting this business. 

4. Start A Tea Centre

Tea is a national drink of India. Almost everyone drinks a cup of tea every morning. If you have a low budget then you can open a tea centre in Pune.

There are many popular tea brands which are making crores from this business. You can start with just tea and then you start selling different food and dishes in your shop or stall.

5. Open A Bhel Shop

Bhel is a very famous street food in Maharashtra. There are different types of Bhel that people eat such as Oli Bhel, Bhel Puri, Popcorn Bhel, Moormura Bhel and many more.

It is a good low-investment business idea in Pune. You can immediately start this business with a little bit of knowledge and skill. It is one of the tried and tased food business ideas in Pune.

6. Coaching Centre For Competitive Exams

In Pune, Lakhs of students prepare for competitive exams such as Mpsc, Upsc, Banking, CET, NEET, and JEE. It has created a huge market for related businesses in Pune. 

You can teach subjects of competitive exams and earn good money from it. You can either teach one subject or multiple subjects at your institute.

7. Cake Making From Home

Pune is a big city and almost everyone celebrates different occasions of their life. The cake is one of the most important parts of almost any celebration.

Many people teach this cake-making skill so you can easily learn it. After learning this skill you can easily start this business from your home.

It is a very easy and profitable Small business idea in Pune for housewives.

8. Organic Vegetable Shop

Nowadays, people are giving preference to organic food and hence there is a demand for organic vegetables and fruits in the market.

In Pune, people are very educated and aware of their health so you can start an Organic Vegetable or fruit shop. 

9. Start A Event Management Company

Pune is one of the largest metropolitan economies in India. There are many personal as well as commercial and professional events that take place in Pune. 

If you do a small event management course and start your event management company in Pune.

One of the biggest benefits of this business idea is that you can start this business with a very low investment and earn good money from it.

10. Become A Manpower Supplier

Pune is a manufacturing as well as an industrial centre of our country so there is a huge demand for manpower and labour.

If you just get proper knowledge of licensing and legal things needed for this business then you can easily start this business in Pune.

11. Get Amul Franchise

Amul is the biggest dairy company in India. It is a very popular brand among Indian people.

If you want an easy and readymade business then getting an Amul Franchise could be a good business idea for you in Pune.

You can start an Amul franchise with a small investment in Pune.

12. Milk Reselling Business

If you want an easy low investment business then you can think about this business idea. 

In this business, you have to purchase milk from the farmers in the near villages and sell it to the cities at higher prices.

This way you can also give better prices to farmers and also earn good money from it. 

13. Homemade Ghee Selling Business

Ghee is a widely eaten food in India. You can make ghee at your home and sell it in the market. 

You can print some pamphlets and distribute them in your city. When you get your first few orders then the quality of your gee will speak.

You can create your ghee brand and earn big money from this business. 

14. Room Rental Business

People come from different cities and villages to Pune for jobs, businesses or education. There is a big demand for rental rooms in Pune. 

If you have some extra rooms that you can rent then it is a good side business for you. You can also give some related services to these people such as tiffin or food service.

15. Start A Home Based Eatery

As I said, a big number of people come to Pune for work, and education and they need services like rental rooms, tiffin and food service. 

If you are good at cooking food then you can start a Home Based Eatery or Tiffin Business. You can also get help from ladies in your home.

16. Start A Village Tourism Centre

As I said, Pune is a metropolitan city and hence people crave nature and trees. If you have farmland near Pune then you can start a village tourism centre.

People who live in cities have a huge attraction towards villages and it’s an opportunity for you. You can develop a village tourism centre and earn good money from it.

17. Make Employee Management Software

If you have coding and programming skills then you can create employee management software and sell it to different companies and organizations.

There are a big number of manufacturing companies, industries, and businesses in Pune so you will get plenty of customers. You can also market your software online to sell in order cities and foreign countries.

18. Start A Pune Tour Agency

There are plenty of tourist attractions in Pune city and near areas. There are dozens of museums, forts, markets, parks, Religious Sites, markets and malls in Pune. 

Raigad, Tulsi Baug, Juna Bazar, Sinhagad, Shaniwar Wada, and Phoenix Marketcity are some of the popular tourist attractions in Pune and there are hundreds of such places that people like to visit. 

You can start a small Tour company or tour agency in Pune because there is a big market for this business in this city. 

19. Morning Breakfast Cafe

Starting a morning breakfast cafe is another profitable low-investment business idea for Pune.

Morning breakfast is very essential to live a healthy life and it’s an opportunity for you. Many people are already earning good money from this business in Pune.

You can learn the required cooking skill and start a small breakfast cafe in Pune.

20. Start A Cold Storage Unit 

The cold storage unit is an essential service for agro-related businesses. people who do businesses related to pulses, grains, vegetables, fruits, spices, and dairy products need this type of service. 

If these people do not get a good cold storage service at the right time then they suffer big losses. 

You can start a cold storage unit near Pune and earn a good regular income from it.

21. Start A Herbal Products Brand

These days people have started using herbal or natural products over other chemical products. 

People use dozens of different products in their day-to-day life such as soap, shampoo, oils, and cosmetic products.

You will find many manufacturers of these products. At starting, you can just sell these products under your brand name and eventually, you can start your manufacturing plant.

22. Start A Alternative Medicine Centre

Acupressure, Acupuncture, Sujok, and magnet therapy are some of the alternative therapies. People also call it alternative medicine.

Nowadays, the bad lifestyles of people cause them various health problems such as back pain, acidity, neck pain, and constipation.

Alternative medicines are becoming very useful in these health problems and hence its an opportunity for you.

You can do a small course & get some work experience by working with a popular alternative medicine centre to start this business.

23. Social Media Accounts Management Service

Social Media is becoming extremely important for professionals and business owners. Social Media is becoming very useful for marketing a business or company. 

Professionals and entrepreneurs also use social media to get new customers and clients. Politicians use social media to build their fan base.

But managing a growing social media account needs great skill and not everyone can do it. You can manage their social account and charge some money for it.

24. Starch Production From Jowar

Starch is a tasteless white powder which is commonly used as a thickening agent in foods. It is used in many foods such as bread, cereals, soups, sauces, noodles, and pasta.

Stach is already present in grains & vegetables like Jowar, maize, wheat, pulses, and potato. 

You can start a start production business from Jowar or maize because there is a big market for this product.

25. Briquettes Manufacturing From Agro Waste

Briquettes are compressed blocks of coal dust, which is used as fuel. It is also used in households and many other industries and sectors.

In villages, people used it for cooking and heating. It is also used as an energy source for greenhouses and fuel for industrial boilers.

It is used in many industries such as FMCG, pharmaceuticals, Milk Plants, Food Processing Units, paper mills, and the chemical industry.

26. Develop Software For Businesses

You can develop software for business and earn crores from it.

In businesses, there is a big requirement for different types of software such as billing software, accounting software, CRM Software, Marketing Software, and Stock management software. 

You can also develop customized software according to the needs of customers.

27. Logistic Solutions 

There is a big demand and need for logistic services in Pune. The biggest reason for this demand is the industrial and manufacturing sectors of Pune. 

You can provide logistics and shipping services to different industries in Pune. 

Pharmacy, Healthcare, E-commerce, and Heavy machine manufacturing are some of the sectors to which you can give service. 

28. Become A Wholesale Supplier For Garments

Pune is a district city with a huge population and hence there are dozens of wholesale business opportunities for you.

You can become a wholesale supplier of clothes. You can sell clothes to retailers in Pune and nearby cities.

When anyone tries to start a clothing retail store in other cities near Pune, they will try to find wholesale suppliers in Pune city and it’s an opportunity for you.

29. Start A Automation Company

Nowadays manufacturing plants are moving towards automation. Technology has changed the way people used to manufacture things in companies.

These companies understand that automation of the systems and processes can increase their production capacity and profits by multiple times. 

If you have knowledge and interest in robotics, Artificial Intelligence and electronics then you can enter also enter into this business.

30. Agro Tech Startup 

Agriculture is the main income source for the huge population of our country. There are hundreds of big problems in this sector. If you solve just one of these problems, you can make crores. 

You can use technology to solve the problems of Indian Farmers. You give them guidance on modern methods of farming by understanding the soil quality, water availability, and climate conditions of particular farmland.

You can help them in many areas such as production, marketing, logistic, and technology. 

31. Get OYO Franchise

OYO is one of the biggest multinational hospitality chains. You must have to listen to the name of this company. Anyone can book a hotel room online on OYO’s Website from a remote location.

OYO is extremely popular in India and hence there is a big existing customer base for it. If you have rooms, flats or apartments in good areas then you can get an OYO franchise and earn good money from it. 

32. Medicines Wholesale Supplier

The medical sector is growing extremely fast all over the world and it’s an opportunity for you. 

You can become a wholesale supplier of pharmaceutical products.

There are many medicines manufacturers in Pune and you can source medicines from them and sell them to retail medical shops in Pune and nearby cities.

33. Open A Fruit Juice Bar

Pure juices of fruits are considered extremely good for our health and hence there is a big demand for fruit juices.

You can start your fruit juice bar with a very low investment of money. Create a fruit juice brand in Pune and earn lakhs of rupees per month.

34. Open A Desi Gym

If you have a medium investment capacity then you can start a desi gym in Pune. 

There is a difference between a normal gym and a desi gym. In the desi gym, you can teach people how to make the body or muscles with some ancient exercises and natural food. 

You can also sell some healthy food products to your gym customers to earn more money.

35. Start A Medical Store

If you have done your education in pharmacy then you can easily start your medical retail store near a hospital.

If you haven’t done your education in pharmacy then you can do a small diploma so you will get a license to start a medical store.

There is a big demand for medicines to you can earn extremely good money from this business in Pune.

36. Become A Solar Entergy Equipment Supplier

Nowadays, electricity cost is increasing and hence people are moving towards solar energy. 

You can become a solar energy equipment supplier and earn good money. You can sell things like solar panels, racking systems, ground mounts, Inverters, and batteries.

37. Start Digital Marketing Agency

Every business and organization want to market their business online but they don’t have the required skills.

If you know about digital marketing or online marketing then you can start a marketing agency in Pune.

Where you can run digital marketing campaigns for businesses and companies and charge money from them.

38. Start A YouTube Channel

If you want to make money online from home then starting a YouTube channel can be one of the best options. 

If you have knowledge of something then you can start a youtube channel on that topic such as business, finance, banking, video editing, and filmmaking.

There are dozens of ways to make from a youtube channel such as advertising, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships 

39. Become An Instagram Influencer

You must have seen people making different types of videos on Instagram. These are called Instagram influencers.

Similar to youtube, you can also make videos for Instagram reels. Choose your favourite topic and start making videos.

You can make lakhs of rupees per month from this business.

40. Start A Technology Blog

Blogging is one of the most popular online businesses and you can earn big money from this business. 

If you are living in Pune and want to start a small business from home then you can start a technology blog.

Almost everyone is using some kind of technology and there is a big business opportunity for you.

41. Publish Your Books & Ebooks

Publishing a book was very hard a decade ago but now anyone can Self Publish their book or ebook.

If just one of your books gets popular, you can literally make crores of rupees. You can publish your book on amazon kindle for free.

42. Start A Misal Corner

Misal is a very popular street food in Maharashtra. If you are living in Pune then you can start a Misal Corner and earn lakhs of rupees per month.

You can learn the making skill of Misal from youtube and start your business on the streets of Pune.

43. Street Sandwich Corner

You can make different types of sandwiches and sell them on the streets of Pune. You can make good money from this business.

If you just learn the skills required to make a good sandwich then you can make lakhs of rupees per month.

44. Open A Kirana Shop

It doesn’t matter where you live, everyone needs grocery items to live a good life.

You can start a Kirana shop or grocery shop in Pune with a very low investment. If you want an essay and proven business then you can add this business idea to your list.

45. Start Yoga Classes

Yoga is ancient Indian practice which helps you to live a healthy and fit. For the last 3 to 4 years the whole world is suffering from thousands of health and fitness issues.

Yoga is one of the best solutions to these health problems and it’s a business opportunity for you. You can start a small yoga teaching centre in Pune.

46. Start Cooking Classes

Cooking is one of the most important skills that a human should have and nowadays everyone should be able to cook, whether you are a man or woman.

If you are a housewife and want to start a business in Pune then you can go for it.

You can start cooking classes in Pune with very little investment. You can do this business from your home in your spare time.

47. Do Seasonal Businesses In Pune

Pune is a city of culture. Hundreds of festivals and events are celebrated in Pune. 

Many people just focus on different seasonal businesses and earn money for the whole year. 

If you don’t want to do a full-time business then you can just do seasonal businesses and earn good money from it.

48. Start A Men’s Garment Store

Clothes are our needs so there is a very high demand for different types of clothes.

You can start a men’s clothing store in Pune and sell shirts, t-shirts, jeans, casual clothes and undergarments.

49. Open An Organic Beauty Parlor

Beauty parlour is one of the most popular businesses among ladies in India. Many women are making good money from this business. 

It is one of the best business ideas in Pune for ladies because there is a great demand for these services.

If you want to create a competitive advantage in this market then you can start an organic beauty parlour.

In this beauty parlour, you will give natural or organic beauty services to ladies.

50. Egg-Roll Corner

Different types of rolls are becoming extremely popular in India. If you want a low-investment business idea then Roll Corner can be your option.

You can start a Roll Corner where you can sell different types of rolls such as Egg Rolls, veg Rolls, Chicken Rolls, paneer Rolls, and Aalu Rolls.

51. Car Washing & Detailing Business

Go and look at the streets of Pune, how many cars? Sometimes it takes 15 to 20 minutes to just cross a road.

A big number of people own cars and there is a huge demand for services related to cars.

You can start a car washing and detailing centre in Pune. It is one of the best low-investment business ideas for Pune.

52. Software Traning Institute

In almost every industry there is a big demand for software-related skills.

Nowadays many software courses are trending in the market and people are getting high-paying jobs after completing these courses.

You can open an institute in Pune where you can sell software-related courses and earn money good money from it.

53. Start English Speaking Institute

English speaking skill is a necessary skill to get a good job or to work on an international level. 

In India, the English-speaking skills of people are very bad and hence there is a big demand for English-speaking classes.

You can start English-speaking classes in Pune with a very low investment.

54. Academic Tuition Classes

People are making crores of rupees from the tuition business. You can start your tuition classes from your home without a big investment. 

There are many schools and colleges in Pune and hence you can easily get thousands of students.

55. Bakery Business From Home

There is a huge demand for bakery products in Pune. You can start a home-based bakery in Pune and earn lakhs of rupees.

You can do a small bakery course before starting a business. You will find many bakery courses in Pune.

You can also sell whole wheat bakery products to health-conscious people and it will give you a competitive advantage. 

56. Become A Content Writer

You must have read articles on the internet. There are over a billion websites or blogs on the internet that publishes such types of articles or posts. 

If you have knowledge of a certain topic then you can start a content-writing business from your home in Pune.

57. Get A Franchise Of A Nursery School

Every year, Crores of babies takes birth in India. If you just observe your area, you will find there are hundreds of small children.

Every parent wants to give their child a good education and hence there is a big demand for nursery school. 

There are many popular preschool or Nursery school franchises in Pune. If you can invest some money then you can think about this business.

58. Start Masala & Dry Fruits Shop

In India, Different types of masala is a very important ingredients in our food.

There is a very big demand for masala in the market and hence you can start a small masala retail shop in Pune. 

You can also sell different types of dry fruits along with masala.

59. Chikki Making Business

If you are living in Maharashtra then you must have eaten Chikki. There is a big demand for different types of chikki’s in Maharashtra. 

Different types of Chikki’s are popular in the market such as groundnut chikki, coconut chikki, sesame chikki, rajgira chikki. 

You can start Chikki making business in Pune. You can create your Chikki brand and earn huge money from it.

60. Papad Making Home Business

Papad is a very popular food item in India. You can start papad making home business in Pune. 

You can supply papads to different hotels, Kirana shops, restaurants, Karyalaya, Event management companies and catering businesses. 

61. Start Organic Farming

If you want to know about a futuristic business then organic farming can be your best choice.

Everyone is slowly understanding the importance of organic food. If you have farmland then you can start an organic farming business. You can sell your products at a little higher price. 

62. Grocery Wholesale Business

As I said, there is a big need and demand for grocery items and hence you can start a grocery wholesale business in Pune.

If you just get a few big customers, you can earn lakhs of rupees from this business. It is a very profitable Wholesale business idea in Pune.

63. Create & Sell Courses Online

It is a very profitable home business idea in Pune. Many people are making 7 figures every month from this business.

If you teach any topic then you can create your video courses and sell them on the internet.

64. Auto Spare Parts Manufacturing

In Pune, there are many automobile manufacturing companies. The infrastructure and other needed services to start this business are already available in Pune.

Crores of people use different types of vehicles and hence the demand for different auto spare parts is increasing day by day. 

If you can invest some money then you can start small-scale auto spare parts manufacturing business in Pune.

65. Become A Financial Consultant

If you have internet in personal finance then you can become a financial consultant. 

Money is one of the most important tools needed for our survival and hence the management of that money is also very important. 

You guide people on things like retirement planning, investing, saving on big purchases, and getting loans.

66. Bed & Breakfast Service

Pune is a very popular place and lakhs of people visit Pune for different reasons such as tourism, business, meetings, marriage ceremonies, and parties

These people need a place to stay and food to eat. 

You can give bed and breakfast service to these people and earn good money from it. 

67. Start Export Business

You can make big dollars from export business in Pune. You can work in almost any industry such as agriculture, beauty and cosmetics, Ayurveda, jewellery, and textile.

To start this business you will need some licenses and registrations. You will find thousands of suppliers in India so you can start this business very easily. 

68. Security Services

Security is needed everywhere such as in Schools, colleges, hospitals, companies, organizations, and apartments

You can supply security guards, bouncers, bodyguards, watchmen and personal security guards.

69. VFX & Animation-Related Services

Pune is becoming very popular for VFX & animation services. There are many such big studios in Pune. 

If you can do animation or VFX then you can give services related to them. There are a big number of video creators and filmmakers around the world and hence you will get plenty of customers.

70. Whole Wheat Noodles Business

Noodles are a popular street food in India. Almost everyone likes to eat noodles and hence there is a great demand for noodles in the market.

You can sell whole wheat noodles to people because many people face digestion problems after eating regular noodles.

whole wheat noodles are good for people’s health and will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

71. Start A House Cleaning Company

Everyone wants to keep their home clean but they don’t want to make effort or don’t have the time.

All the things required for cleaning are already in your home. Just use it and start your business, there is no need for a big investment to start this business.


I hope you like these low-investment business ideas. You can start any one of these businesses in Pune.

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1. Which business is best in Pune?

There are many businesses which are best in Pune such as food-related businesses, manufacturing businesses, garment businesses and service-related businesses. Click on this article to read 71 best low-investment business ideas in Pune.

2. Which business is most profitable in Pune?

Pune is one of the developed cities in India so there are many businesses which are very profitable in Pune such as – 
1. Ladies Undergarment Retail Store
2. Starting A Street Food Stall
3. Car Washing Business
4. Medicines Manufacturing Business
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3. Why Pune is best for business?

There are many reasons because of why Pune is the best for business – 
1. Pune is an extremely developed city
2. Very good population so more opportunities
3. People are educated 
4. Good infrastructure to start a new business

4. How to start a business in Pune?

Just select a business idea, do some market research, make a business plan, make the arrangement of funds, register your business and that’s it. 

5. What are the 5 most profitable businesses?

Pharmacy-related businesses, Creating & Selling Softwares Online, starting a beauty and cosmetics brand, Creating A Apparel Brand, and starting a restaurant chain.

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