25 New Small Business Ideas In Yavatmal | 25 Best Business Opportunities In Yavatmal

Yavatmal is a distinct & city in Maharashtra. In this, you will get the 25 best small business ideas in Yavatmal. You can start these businesses anywhere in the Yavatmal distinct or in the city.

Yavatmal is the third biggest district of Vidarbha so there are many business opportunities in Yavatmal. 

So let’s get started –

List of 25 new small business ideas in Yavatmal.

1. Start Cotton Ginning and Pressing Mill

Cotton is one of the major crops in Yavatmal so there are many related businesses that you can start in Yavatmal. You can start cotton ginning and pressing mill in Yavatmal. 

Cotton ginning is the process of separating the cotton fibre from the seeds and trash such as stems and soil. In cotton pressing, cotton is pressed into the bales after cotton ginning.

2. Motor Cycle Repairing Business

You can do a small motorcycle repair course and start this business in your city. Nowadays almost everyone uses a motorcycle so there is a big demand for related services.

There are many institutes where you can learn this skill very easily. You can also learn many things from the internet for free.

3. Open A Kirana Store

Our day-to-day life largely depends on Kirana products and hence you must have seen Kirana stores near your home & colonies.

You will find many good areas in your city where you can start a grocery or Kirana store. You can earn a good regular income from this business

4. Become A Wholesale Garment Supplier

In Yavatmal, there are many garment and fabric manufacturers and hence you can get benefit from this opportunity. 

You can become a garment wholesale supplier. You can sell clothes to retailers in different cities in your district.

5. Agriculture Equipment Manufacturing

Almost 80% of Yavatmal’s population is involved in agriculture and related business. You can start an agriculture equipment manufacturing plant in Yavatmal.

There are thousands of villages in the Yavatmal district & the main income source of these villagers is agriculture so there is a big opportunity for you.

6. Women’s Products & Accessories Shop

There is big women’s population in Yavatmal. There is a high demand for women’s products and accessories in India & hence you can start a shop for women’s products and accessories in your city.

You will find many wholesale suppliers for these products in big cities. You can get a shop for rent and start this business.

7. Start An Agriculture YouTube Channel

As I said before, more than 80 % of the population is dependent on agriculture so you can start a youtube channel for agriculture.

On this youtube channel, you can teach different farming techniques and methods to people. You can also cover the trending news of agriculture on the youtube channel.

8. Turmeric Farming

Turmeric farming is a very popular crop in Yavatmal. If you have farmland then you can start turmeric farming. 

Turmeric is widely used in food so there is a high demand for it. You can also export your turmeric to other countries to earn more money. 

9. Cotton Bales Export

There are many cotton ginning and pressing mills in Yavatmal. In this mill or factory, they separate cotton for its seeds and other trash such as stems and soil. After that this cotton is pressed and converted into cotton bales. 

Cotton is used everywhere in the world so you can export these cotton bales to other countries and earn huge money.

10. Cotton Farming

There is a good climate condition for cotton farming in Yavatmal so you can also start cotton farming on your farmland. 

You can learn modern methods of cotton farming so you can get the maximum benefit from it. 

11. Fish Farming

Fish is a very popular seafood in the world. If you have farmland then you can start fish farming and earn good money from it.

In Maharashtra, Many people do fish farming as a side-business for farming. There are many people in Maharashtra who are teaching fish farming so you can easily learn this skill.

12. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is another good business idea for you in Yavatmal. There are many people and institutes that give training for poultry farming. You will get their details on google.

You can grow your chickens naturally without any injections or chemicals. You can then advertise your chickens as natural chickens. It will help you get new customers faster.

13. Vermi Compost Production

Vermicompost production is another good agriculture business for you in Yavatmal. Nowadays people are switching towards organic farming.

Vermicompost is extremely beneficial for farmland so there is a high demand for it. There are lakhs of farmers in the Yavatmal district so you will get plenty of customers. 

14. Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom cultivation is becoming more and more popular in India. Mushroom is eaten in many countries.

There are tremendous benefits to eating mushrooms and hence there is a high demand for them in the market.

You can get training in mushroom cultivation and start this business. You can also do this business in a small area so there is no need for farmland.

15. Start A Organic Vegetable Farm

Vegetable farming is a very profitable business. If you have farmland in Yavatmal then vegetable farming can be your option.

You don’t just have to start regular vegetable farming but you have to start organic vegetable farming. 

Nowadays, people are preferring organic vegetables over regular ones.

16. Start Organic Fruits Farming

Similar to vegetable farming, you can also start organic fruit farming in Yavatmal. Demand for fruits is increasing so you can earn huge money from this business.

You can make your organic fruit brand in Yavatmal so you will get regular customers for the next many years.

17. Start A Private Teaching Institute

Teaching is another very profitable business idea in Yavatmal. Just research, how many schools and colleges are in your city or area. There are thousands of students in every school and college.

If don’t have money and want to start a business then teaching classes can be your option.

18. Furniture Manufacturing

More than 20% of Yavatmal’s area is forested & there are many different types of wood are available in this forest. 

Yavatmal is a good area for furniture manufacturing. You can learn the basics of furniture manufacturing and hire some good workers to start this business in Yavatmal. 

19. Healthy Candy Manufacturing

Almost every child love candies but candies are not good for their health. You can start a healthy candy manufacturing business in Yavatmal.

You can observe and research some popular healthy candy companies in foreign countries so you will get some ideas.

20. Sell Fashion Jewellery

Some years ago Indian women use to wear gold and silver jewellery but these days women are wearing Artificial or Fashion Jewellery. 

Fashion Jewellery is cheaper in price so anyone can easily purchase it. There is a high demand for fashion jewellery in Indian Market. 

You can buy fashion jewellery from the wholesale market and sell it in your shop. You can also sell this jewellery by travelling around different places

21. Become A Tax Consultant

You can become a tax consultant in your city. You can do a small course or you can also do your academic education in this field to start this business.

Before starting this business, you can work with a CA to get some experience. 

22. Start A Bakery

You can start a bakery in Yavatmal because bakery products are extremely popular in every area.

There is a high demand for bakery products such as Bread, biscuits, cake, and toast.

If you want to do innovation in your business then you can start a Whole Wheat Bakery Products Shop. 

You can make different bakery products without using maida so you will get a competitive advantage. 

23. Start A Juice Centre

Starting a juice shop is another low-investment business idea for Yavatmal. You can learn juice-making skills from youtube and start this business. 

In future, You can create a juice shop brand and give franchises to other people. 

24. Oil & Oil Seed Cakes Manufacturing

Oil & Oil seed cake manufacturing is another good business idea for Yavatmal. A big number of people are involved in dairy farming and hence you have a huge opportunity in this business.

Oil seed cakes are also called Sarki Pend in Marathi. It is used as cow feed in many areas.

Oil cakes can be made from many different types of oil seeds but oil cakes made from cotton seeds are very popular. You can sell cotton seed oil and oil seed cakes and earn good money from this business.

25. Yoga Fitness Centre

Nowadays, yoga is becoming extremely popular around the whole world. You can do a small yoga course and start this business in your city.

Dozens of health problems are causing an increase in the demand for this service. You can start this business in almost 

Conclusion – 

You can start any of these businesses in Yavatmal. Before starting any business do your proper research & understand your investing capacity. 

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